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NewSun, March 17, 2024 - Finding Jewish Metrical Records in the Polish National Archives
Topic: Finding Jewish Metrical Records in the Polish National Archives
(Society Meetings – Zoom Only - 1:30 PM EST)
This online event is free for members of JGSGW. Nonmembers may register (Add to Cart) to attend for a fee of $5.
Program Description: This presentation looks at the holdings of the Polish National Archives, including records from places that have been within Poland’s current borders for centuries, as well as those that were created in Poland for places now in other countries but are still within the Polish archives, including records from Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, and others.
Changes in civil administrations, borders, and languages are nothing new to researchers in Eastern Europe. When it comes to vital records, more commonly known in Europe as metrical records, finding these birth, marriage, and death records becomes quite complex. Recent records are probably in institutions within the current country, but older records could be in the archives of any country that at one time owned the place where the events took place.
While some older records have been “repatriated” to the country of origin or to the current country, many reside where they have been for decades or centuries. For example, Ukraine has sent to Poland many records of places that were part of Poland but are now in Ukraine. Poland has sent to Lithuania and Belarus records of places that were in Poland but are now in those countries. Hungary has embarked on a repatriation project for archival records that originated in other countries. However, the repatriation of data is not complete, nor is it systematic, and so many records still reside in their original archives.
This presentation will focus on Jewish metrical records in the Polish National Archives and how to locate them. It will include tips on how to search the Polish National Archives website(s) efficiently for these records. In addition, it will cover many Polish genealogical websites that include information about records that are within the Polish National Archives collection, in some cases including name indexes and/or scans.
Speaker: Mary Ann Evan got her start in genealogy at a young age by listening to the stories told by her grandparents about “the old country.” In the 1980s she began tracing their paths back to their ancestral villages in Poland, and has since then visited all four of those villages and has found living relatives in three of them. She also made several research trips to other Eastern European countries.
Mary Ann has been volunteering at the Washington, DC, Family Search Center, in Kensington, Maryland, for nearly 35 years, specializing in Eastern European countries but also assisting persons researching in many other areas of the world. She has made presentations at local family history conferences and meetings, and is presently facilitating an Eastern European Special Interest Group, begun in 2014, at the Family Search Center.
Speaker: Harry Moatz, an attorney, retired from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office about 12 years ago where he was the Director of Enrollment and Discipline. He always had an interest in the origins of his family, beginning his search for the facts about eight years ago.  Harry's fraternal family came from an area of Galicia now located in northwest Ukraine. His maternal family came from Galicia and an area of Russia, now Belarus.  His wife’s family came from Galicia.  The families of his son-in-law and daughter-in-law hail from Great Britain, Scandinavia, Galicia, and Hungary.  He has discussed his research with family, colleagues, friends, and genealogy organizations. His research led him to create the Digital Resource Database From JGSGW.
By the way, Harry Moatz is the current President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Washington.
Last Updated: 6 February 2024   [Located in Category: Guest Registration (Meetings)]
Price: $5.00

Sun, April 7, 2024 - Using Social-Media for Genealogic Research ...
Topic:  Using Social-Media for Genealogic Research: The Good, the Bad, and the Exceedingly Strange
(Society Meetings – Hybrid – In-person or via Zoom – 1:30 EST)
Pre-registration is not required for Members of JGSGW; pre-registration for guests attending in person is not required and can pay the $5 guest fee at the door.  Nonmembers attending virtually should register (Add to Cart) to attend for a fee of $5.
NOTE: Location: Bender Jewish Community Center (Bender JCC) 6125 Montrose Ave, Rockville, MD and via Zoom
Program Description: This program will introduce family researchers to some of the many helpful genealogic resources available on social media platforms, and how to use these tools safely.  Included are examples of best practices for using social media in genealogical records research, how to find long-lost family members, and the benefits of location-focused research groups. Robin will also discuss case studies from two Facebook groups she co-administers: Tracing the Tribe: Jewish Genealogy on Facebook, and Jewish Community of the 15th Ward, Syracuse New York.
Speaker:  Robin Meltzer is an attorney and genealogist.  She assists families in obtaining legal records, discovering non-traditional information sources and interpreting documentary evidence. Robin is an administrator of Tracing the Tribe: Jewish Genealogy on Facebook; co-founder of the Jewish Community of the 15th Ward, Syracuse, New York, Facebook group; associate producer of the documentary films “Stories from the Syracuse Jewish Community” and “People and Places of the Syracuse Jewish Community,” and a former vice president of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington (JGSGW).  Robin lectures internationally on topics in Jewish genealogy and research methodology and has appeared on the cable television program “Tracing Your Family Roots.” She has written articles on Jewish genealogy and local history for several publications, including Avotaynu, Mishpacha, The Galitzianer, and the Jewish Observer of Central New York.
Last Updated: 8 January 2024   [Located in Category: Guest Registration (Meetings)]
Price: $5.00