JGSGW Library - Binders

Call #TitleDescriptionPub. DateAuthor/Editor/OrganizationTypeLocationSubjectLanguageOversized?Donated By
Binder 1- 1Outline of talk on Dutch GenealogyDutch genealogy1997 Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 2Example PersoonskaartenPersoonskaarten  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 32 Examples Birth CertificatesBirth certificates  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 4Transcriptions of birth certificate examplesBirth certificates  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 5Translations of birth certificate examplesBirth certificates  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 6Example, transcription and translation of 2 death certificatesDeath certificates  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 7Example, transcription and translation of a marriage certificateMarriage certificates  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 8Example Bevolkingsregister with translation of column headingsBevolkingsregister  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 9Exmaple, transcription and translation of Name taking certificateName taking certificate  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 10Gemeentearchief Amsteram, city archives, Jewish holdingsGemeentearchief Amsteram  Misc.Binder 1NetherlandsDutch & EnglishNo 
Binder 1- 11Centraal Bureau voor GenealogieCentraal Bureau voor Genealogie  Misc.Binder 1NetherlandsEnglishNo 
Binder 1- 12Dutch Genealogy Society information Nederlandse Genealogische VerenigingDutch Genealogy Society   Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 13Sources of Jewish genealogySources of Jewish genealogy  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 14Sample of the book "In Memoriam", Dutch holocaust victimsDutch holocaust victims  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands, Holocaust  No 
Binder 1- 15Jewish sourcesJewish sources  Misc.Binder 1NetherlandsDutchNo 
Binder 1- 16Addresses for researchAddresses for research  listBinder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 17Information for Jewish genealogy in BelgiumBelgium genealogy  Misc.Binder 1NetherlandsDutchNo 
Binder 1- 18Jewish works [onderzoek] in German [duitse] archivesGerman [duitse] archives  Misc.Binder 1NetherlandsDutchNo 
Binder 1- 19Taschenbuch fur familiengeschichtsforschung   Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 20Bestandsverzeichnis der Deutschen Zentralstelle fur Genbealogie Liepzig   Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 21E-mail and internet addresseE-mail and internet addresse  listBinder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 22Dutch Jewish genealogy societyDutch Jewish genealogy society  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 23Jewish onderzoek publicationsOnderzoek publications  Misc.Binder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 1- 24Jewish Historical MuseumJewish Historical Museum  pamphletBinder 1Netherlands No 
Binder 2- 1General information magazine of the Latvia ministry of foreign affairs Latvia ministry of foreign affairs  Misc.Binder 2LatviaHarold RhodeNo 
Binder 2- 2Daugavpils, formerly Dvinsk, v. 3, 1941 & 1948  niversal Jewish EncyclopediaarticleBinder 2Latvia No 
Binder 2- 3Reflections on the city of Dvinsk 1903 Misc.Binder 2LatviaHebrewNo 
Binder 2- 4Riga, special report Riga1992Jewish Survivors of Latvia, Inc.Misc.Binder 2Latvia No 
Binder 2- 5American Latvian Asso. in the USAmerican Latvian Asso Country People Liberty (mag.)articleBinder 2Latvia No 
Binder 2- 6Fragments of the Jewish history of Riga, guide book with map for walking tourRiga  Misc.Binder 2Riga, Latvia NoBruce Kahn
Binder 2- 7Krustpils, history 1257-1941Krustpils Hagar, Esther Misc.Binder 2Latvia, Krustpils No 
Binder 3- 1Translation of selected marriage records from the Great Synagogue, London, 1791-1902marriage records from the Great Synagogue, London, 1791-1902  Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 22 newsletters, Scottish Jewish Archives, 1988 & 1989   Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 3London Jewish cemeteries, updated 1989London Jewish cemeteries  Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 4London's East End since 1900London's East End   mapBinder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 5Museum of the Jewish East End and Research Centre, and the London Museum of Jewish LifeLondon's East End 1988 Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 6Anglo-Jewry bibliography, undated   Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 7Records of genealogical interest held by the institutions operating from Adler/Woburn House, London 1992 Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 8Tracing Your Jewish Roots in London   Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 9London Metropolitan Archives quick guide   Misc.Binder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 10UK archivesUK archives Public Record OfficepamphletBinder 3Latvia No 
Binder 3- 11Family Records Center   pamphletBinder 3Latvia No 
Binder 4- 1Tracing your ancestors in Canada  Public ArchivespamphletBinder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 2Canada-USSR Asso. Information   Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 3Canadian Jewish Mosaic organization information   Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 4Canadian Jewish anthology information   Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 5Canadian Jewish Congress publication listsCanada  Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 6Publications  Canadian Jewish ArchivesMisc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 7Jewish colonization of Canada collectionCanada1983 Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 8Jewish immigrant aid services of Canada national office and eastern branch inventoryCanada immigrant aid1984 Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 9Landsmanshaft in CanadaCanada lansmanschaft  Misc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 4- 10United Jewish relief agencies of Canada preliminary inventoryCanada relief agencies1985Reinblatt, LilianMisc.Binder 4Canada No 
Binder 5- 1Origin of Jewish names, vol. 5 Jewish names  Misc.Binder 5namesHebrewNo 
Binder 5- 2Origin of Jewish names, vol. 6Jewish names  Misc.Binder 5namesHebrewNo 
Binder 5- 3Origin and development of Jewish family namesJewish family names  Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 4German Jewish given namesGerman Jewish given names  Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 5Hebrew and Jewish male names   Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 6Names from the Indianapolis Post 1940's-1970's   Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 7Association for the Study of Jewish Languages   Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 8Family name adoptions of Jews in Bohemia   Misc.Binder 5namesGermanNo 
Binder 5- 9Name changes in Germany, in German (in 4 page holders)   Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 10AFamily names of German Jews, especially from Baden  Dreifuss, Erwin Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 10BEnglish synopsis and partial translation of 10A  Arnstein, GeorgeMisc.Binder 5namesEnglishNo 
Binder 5- 11Rabbi's guide to Jewish names 1939 Misc.Binder 5namesEnglish & HebrewNo 
Binder 5- 12Jewish Family Names   Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 5- 13A Cautionary Tale, or When does Rachel become Rosalie  Blau, Edmund J.Misc.Binder 5names No 
Binder 6-1Genealogical resources   Misc.Binder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 6-2Genealogical resources   pamphletBinder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 6-3Manuscript collections to 1967   Misc.Binder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 6-4Manuscript collections 1967-68   Misc.Binder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 6-5Where to send historical records   pamphletBinder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 6-6Historical society of Greater Washington   pamphletBinder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 6-7Jewish Heritage Society   Misc.Binder 6Historical Societies No 
Binder 7-HUN 1Bibliography on Hungarian Holocaust   Misc.Binder 7Eastern Europe, Hungary No 
Binder 7-HUN 2Momumenta Hungariae Judaica, bibliography on sources of Hungarian Jewry  Schonfeld, LouisMisc.Binder 7Eastern Europe, Hungary No 
Binder 7-HUN 3Hungarian Jewish Genealogy, Yizkor books, counties, addresses   listBinder 7Eastern Europe, Hungary No 
Binder 7-HUN 4Hungarian genealogical words   listBinder 7Eastern Europe, Hungary No 
Binder 7-CZECH 1Genealogical Research for Czech & Slovak Americans   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Czechoslovakia No 
Binder 7-CZECH 2Deportees from Boskovice, Hungary   Misc.Binder 7Holocaust, Hungary No 
Binder 7-CZECH 3Newsletter of International Council of Jews from Czech   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Czechoslovakia No 
Binder 7-CZECH 4Czech. application form for vital information   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Czechoslovakia No 
Binder 7-CZECH 5Czech. Jewish cemeteries   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Czechoslovakia No 
Binder 7-CZECH 6Czecholovakian Jews, 120 pages of names of Jews, many with addresses   Misc.Binder 7names, Czechoslovakia No 
Binder 7-CZECH 7Beth Theresienstadt, pamphlet in Hebrew & English, describes the Jews of the town   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Czechoslovakia No 
Binder 7-YUGO 1Patriarch of Dubrovnik's "Jew Street" 1977 Wash. Post article   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Yugoslavia No 
Binder 7-ROM 1Romanian area handbook   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Romania No 
Binder 7-ROM 2Lfe in Lambrooka, Jewish Agricultural Village in Bessarabia, Romania  Marlene ZakaiMisc.Binder 7Eastern European, Romania No 
Binder 7-ROM 3List of voters and protocols from Iasi (Jassy), Romania   Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, RomaniaCyrillicNo 
Binder 7-ROM 4Romania: The Sudits & Other Jwish Discoveries  Pascal, Paul Misc.Binder 7Romania No 
Binder 7-ROM 5My Romanian Ancestor Quest, with useful addresses, map, etc. 1989Ogushwitz, Gertrude Singer Misc.Binder 7Eastern European, Romania No 
Binder 7-ROM 6Bukovina geography, social, political & economic history, etc  Historical Section of the Foreign OfficeMisc.Binder 7Eastern European, Romania No 
Binder 7-GEN 1Archival Sources of Russian Jewish History  Hebrew University pamphletBinder 7Eastern Europe No 
Binder 7-GEN 2Gazetteers & maps of Eastern Europe in the Library of Congress   mapBinder 7Eastern Europe No 
Binder 7-GEN 3East European Archival Research From Your Home  Weiss, Robert bibliographyBinder 7Eastern Europe No 
Binder 8-1List of burial societies and funeral homes from "The Second Jewish Catalog,"  1976 Misc.Binder 8landsmanshaft No 
Binder 8-2List of NY burial societies in liquidation   Misc.Binder 8landsmanshaft No 
Binder 8-3Chicago area cemeteries with Jewish sections, map of Waldheim cemeteries 1984 Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-4MA Jewish cemeteries, 1989, locations and maps, 24 pgs.   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-5MD, Baltimore cemetery directory, undated, directions to cemeteries and burial societies   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-6MI, Detroit Jewish cemeteries, 1984, location, denomination, parent organization and alternate names   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-7PA, Pittsburgh cemeteries, 1992, cemetery name, community, caretaker name & phone   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-8VA, Norfolk, "The Virginia Pilot," Article on caretaker of Hebrew cemetery, with brief history of cemetery 1983 Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-9VA, Jewish cemetery records from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Richmond, Hampton, Chesapeake, Newport News   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-10VA, Richmond, map of Hebrew cemetery   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-11VA, Richmond, confederate burials in Hebrew cemetery   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-12VA, article on Samuel Werth's cemetery project   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-13VA, Researching Jewish cemeteries 1986 Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-14VA, Samuel Werth cemetery project, LDS microfilm contract   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-15VA, Werth cemetery project, VA Historical Society indexing confirmation   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-16VA, Werth letter, 1985, explaining organization of information in collection 1985 Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-17VA, Werth letter, info on Sapir and Sapiro family burials   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-18VA, Nusbaum letter, Nusbaum burials in Hebrew cemetery, Norfolk 1985 Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-19VA, Alexandria, map of Agudas Achim cemetery   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-20Names from Sieniawa cemetery 1983 Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-21MI, Detroit, landsmanshaften in cemeteries   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-22Funeral directors of America, rosters for 1985 & 1991   listBinder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-23Cemetery records of Oppeln, Germany   Misc.Binder 8Germany, cemetery No 
Binder 8-24AJewish cemetery at Diersburg, German & the Jewish cemeteries at the Ortenau, in German   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-24BEnglish translation of 24A by Ludwig Guckenheimer   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-25ANY, Map of cemeteries in NY City area   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-25BNY, directions to NY City area cemeteries   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-26Partial list 1941, Kovna cemetery   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-27Jewish Cemetery at 9th & Spruce Sts, Philadelphia   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-28Adas Israel Cemetery, burials 1870-1919   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-29AL, Pictures from the Selma Cemetery   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-30Germany, Georgensmunde Cemetery list   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial SocietiesGermanNo 
Binder 8-31Photographs of the Jewish Cemetery of Slesin  Sobienajska, IrenephotoBinder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-32VA, Burials at Berkley Cemetery (Mikvo Kodesh), Norfolk   photoBinder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-33Poland, Photograph of a memorial stone in Wloclaw   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-34Germany, pictures of the Jewish Cemetery at Worms   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-35Lithuania, The Book of Sorrow, lists Lithuanian towns where Jews lived and sites were massacres occurred   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 8-36Jewish Cemetery Project, instructions for identifying & recording Jewish burials   Misc.Binder 8Cemeteries & Burial Societies No 
Binder 9-1Genealogical libraries within 10 minutes of DC (1979)   Misc.Binder 9DC, library No 
Binder 9-2Oral histories at JCC on file at Senior Citizen Center JCC   Misc.Binder 9oral history, JCC No 
Binder 9-3Rsearching your ancestors at DAR   Misc.Binder 9DAR No 
Binder 9-4Partial list of Jewish patriots at DAR   Misc.Binder 9DAR No 
Binder 9-53 lists of Jews buried from Wash. Heb. Cong. & Adas Israel Cong.   listBinder 9Washington Hebrew, Adas Israel No 
Binder 9-6Washington area cemeteries, lists and maps   listBinder 9DC, cemeteries No 
Binder 9-7AGrooms in marriages performed by Rabbi Simon, Wash. Heb. Cong.   Misc.Binder 9Washington Hebrew No 
Binder 9-7BBrides in marriages performed by Rabbi Simon, Wash. Heb. Cong.   Misc.Binder 9Washington Hebrew No 
Binder 9-8Charts showing residential patterns of Jews in Wash/Balt area   Misc.Binder 9DC Area Information No 
Binder 9-9Hebraic section of the Library of Congress  Library of CongresspamphletBinder 9Library of Congress No 
Binder 9-10Newspaper & Current Periodical room of the Library of Congress  Library of CongresspamphletBinder 9Library of Congress No 
Binder 9-11Telephone and city directories at the Library of Congress  Library of CongresspamphletBinder 9Library of Congress No 
Binder 9-12Jewish genealogical sources at the Library of Congress  Library of CongressMisc.Binder 9Library of Congress No 
Binder 9-13M-1742, Records of imperial Russian Consulates in Canada, 1898-1922  US National ArchivesMisc.Binder 9Archives, Russia No 
Binder 9-14M-1486, Records of imperial Russian Consulates in the US, 1862-1922  US National ArchivesMisc.Binder 9Archives, Russia No 
Binder 9-15"Captured German Sound Recordings"  US National ArchivespamphletBinder 9Archives, Germany No 
Binder 9-16Regional Archives system of the Nat'l Archives  US National ArchivespamphletBinder 9Archives No 
Binder 9-17Research & How to do Archival Research at the Nat'l Archives  Prechtel-Kluskens, ClaireMisc.Binder 9Archives, JewishGen No 
Binder 9-18Nat'l Genealogical Society, Arlington, VA   pamphletBinder 9NGS No 
Binder 9-19Jewish Alexandrians 1850-1871  Baker, RuthMisc.Binder 9Alexandria No 
Binder 9-20Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA 1979 Misc.Binder 9Alexandria, Agudas Achim No 
Binder 9-21JHS of Greater Washington   pamphletBinder 9Dc, JHS No 
Binder 9-22Holocaust Records in the National Archives on the Nazi Persecution of Jews  Mendelsohn, JohnMisc.Binder 9Holocaust No 
Binder 9-23Research Resources at National Archives II   Misc.Binder 9Archives No 
Binder 9-24Nat'l Society DAR, Genealogical Library   pamphletBinder 9DAR No 
Binder10A-CAL 1Guide to library & archives of Hoover Institution, Stanford U   pamphletBinder 10AHoover Institution, Stanford No 
Binder10A-CAL 2Information about the Hoover Institution archives 1995 Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution No 
Binder10A-CAL 3Hoover Institution archives holdings on Germany   Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution, Germany No 
Binder10A-CAL 4AResearch assistance policy at Hoover Institution archives   Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution No 
Binder10A-CAL 4BNames of research assistants at Hoover institution & their areas of knowledge 1995 Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution No 
Binder10A-CAL 5Hoover Institution archives rules for reproduction & use of materials   Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution No 
Binder10A-CAL 6Hoover Institution archives subject reports by geography, topics, & occupations 1995 Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution No 
Binder10A-CAL 7Partial inventory of files at Hoover Institution   Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution No 
Binder10A-CAL 8Letter from Hoover Institution about specific papers useful to Genealogists   Misc.Binder 10AHoover Institution, genealogy No 
Binder10A-GA 11910 Atlanta census, e.d. 84, copies of 10 census pages   Misc.Binder 10AAtlanta No 
Binder10A-ILL 1Spertus Museum brochure   Misc.Binder 10ASpertus Museum No 
Binder10A-ILL 2Chicago newspaper article "Memories of a Jewish Neighborhood that Was-Logan Square   Misc.Binder 10AChicago No 
Binder10A-ILL 3Chicago Landsmanshaft organization listings   Misc.Binder 10AChicago, landsmanshaft No 
Binder10A-KAN 1Kansas, "Ft Scott: A Jewish Community That is No More", many names and family stories   Misc.Binder 10AFt. Scott No 
Binder10A-MASS 1State archives of MA   Misc.Binder 10AMassachusetts, Archives No 
Binder10A-MASS 2MA archives & Commonwealth Museum   Misc.Binder 10AMassachusetts, Archives No 
Binder10A-MASS 3North Shore Jewish Historical Society   Misc.Binder 10AMassachusetts No 
Binder10A-MASS 4Military records at MA archives   Misc.Binder 10AMassachusetts, Archives No 
Binder10A-MASS 5The Jews in Lynn: A Retrospective by Nathan Gass   Misc.Binder 10AMassachusetts, Lynn No 
Binder10A-MASS 6Jewish genealogical resources, Hebrew College Library, Brookline 1994 Misc.Binder 10AMassachusetts, Brookline No 
Binder10A-MICH 1MI Jewish History, 1987, includes history of Beth El/Dushkin society   Misc.Binder 10AMichigan No 
Binder10A-MISS 1JGS of St Louis, directory of members research 1984 Misc.Binder 10ASt. Louis, JGS No 
Binder10A-MISS 2From Generation to Generation, local resource guide for Jewish genealogy   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri, genealogy No 
Binder10A-MISS 3JGS of St Louis bibliography of local resources   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10A-MISS 4Yizkor/Memorial and related books, Olin Library, Washington Univ (St Louis), bibliography (2 parts, A & B)   Misc.Binder 10AYizkor books, St. Louis No 
Binder10A-MISS 5Bibliography on St Louis Jewish community   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10A-MISS 6Jewish genealogical materials at Olin Library, Washington Univ., St Louis, bibliography   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10A-MISS 7Brief guide to St Louis Will & Probate Resources   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10A-MISS 8Guide to genealogical research in the Microfilm section, St Louis City Hall   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10A-MISS 9Guide to St Louis Census Holdings in US Census   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10A-MISS 10Handy Guide to St Louis Resources, including births, deaths, lawsuits, divorces, marriages   Misc.Binder 10AMissouri No 
Binder10B-NEB 11890, Highlights of Omaha Jewish Community   Misc.Binder 10AOmaha, Nebraska No 
Binder10B-NM 1Jews of Santa Fe Today, CAJE article 1991 Misc.Binder 10ASanta Fe, New Mexico No 
Binder10B-ND 1Jewish Homestead Communities in ND 1880-1920 1982 Misc.Binder 10ANorth Dakota No 
Binder10B-OH 1"Between Spires & Stacks: the People & Neighborhoods of Cleveland", includes 2-3 pgs. on early Jewish immigrant families  Miggins, EdwardmonographBinder 10AOhio No 
Binder10B-PA 1Phila Jewish Archives Center at Balch Institute   brochureBinder 10APennsylvania No 
Binder10B-PA 2Guide to Phila Jewish Archives Center 1979 Misc.Binder 10AArchives, Philadelphia No 
Binder10B-PA 3Phila Jewish Archives Center: fact sheet sampling of genealogical resources   Misc.Binder 10AArchives, Philadelphia No 
Binder10B-PA 4National Museum of American Jwish History   brochureBinder 10APennsylvania No 
Binder10B-PA 5Phila Records at Suitland: Alpha listing by Name for 9 boxes of Russian archives correspondence   Misc.Binder 10ARussia, Archives No 
Binder10B-PA 6Step by step guide to PA public records 1984Historical Society of PAMisc.Binder 10APennsylvania No 
Binder10B-PA 7JGS of Phila: names being researched by members 1993 Misc.Binder 10APennsylvania No 
Binder10B-PA 8Fed of Jewish Charities of Phila, 1921, list of annual subscribers, cover page with info on how to get more info   Misc.Binder 10APennsylvania No 
Binder10B-PA 9Lancaster's First Jewish Community 1715-1804 1976Lancaster County Hist SocietyMisc.Binder 10ALancaster, Pennsylvania No 
Binder10B-PA 10"Opening the Door to the New World: Needs of new immigrants brought Jewish banks into being",with information on immigrant arrivals in Phila 1984Jewish ExponentMisc.Binder 10APennsylvania No 
Binder10B-RI 1Touro Synagogue National Historic Site brochure, Newport   Misc.Binder 10ARhode Island No 
Binder10B-SO 1Articles on the Southern Jewish Experience  1986Journals of the American Jewish Historical Society et al.Misc.Binder 10ASouthern US No 
Binder10B-SO 2Jews in the South are Taking Action to Rescue their Past, newspaper article   Misc.Binder 10ASouthern US No 
Binder10B-TX 1List of Jewish immigrants arriving in Galveston 1910 Misc.Binder 10ATexas No 
Binder10B-TX 2Galveston immigration correspondence   Misc.Binder 10ATexas No 
Binder10B-TX 3Brownsville Jewish families   Misc.Binder 10ATexas No 
Binder10B-TX 4The Jewish Texans   Misc.Binder 10ATexas No 
Binder10B-VA 1Jews of Richmond, 1776-1976, brochure &places of interest   Misc.Binder 10AVirginia No 
Binder10B-VA 2Jews of Portsmouth: 1786-1930, Renewal Magazine   Misc.Binder 10AVirginia No 
Binder10B-VA 3Jews of Norfolk in the 1900 census   Misc.Binder 10AVirginia No 
Binder10B-WEST 1Family History Guide, Western Jewish History Center, Berkeley, CA 1968 Misc.Binder 10AWestern US No 
Binder10B-WEST 2Western Jewish History Center, Catalog & Manuscripts collection 1977 Misc.Binder 10AWestern US No 
Binder10B-WY 1WY   Misc.Binder 10AWY No 
Binder10B-WY 2Article on Jews of WY  Hallberg, Carl HallbergMisc.Binder 10AWY No 
Binder10B-WY 3"A Jewish Merchant in a WY Coal Town" 1984 Misc.Binder 10AWY No 
Binder 11-1US Immigration records, 1820-1920, a class outline   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-2Photocopy of a Declaration of Intent   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-3Using state and county records, types of non-vital records afound in county courthouses   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-4Census bulletin, 1890, vital statistics of Jews in the US   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-5Photcopies of passenger records   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-6Passenger arrival lists & related records, bibliography by JGS of St Louis, MO   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-7Checklist of historical atlases and related materials on Eastern Europe, bibliography by JGS of St Louis, MO   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-8Rcords of US passenger arrivals from 1820  LDSMisc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-9European immigrant arrivals from Europe to Western Hemisphere 1890-1914 (Morton Allen Directory)   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-10Southern states genealogical libraries   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-11US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Wash, DC   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-12National Archives, Southeast Region, list of records   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-13Freedom of Information & Privacy Acts in genealogy   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-14Resources at US Holocaust Memorial Museum   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-15Case Files of the Fed Bureau of Investigation, 1908-1922   Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 11-16Useful websites for Ellis Island ship/immigration research 2001 Misc.Binder 11US Resources No 
Binder 12A-1Hamburg Passenger Lists  LDSpamphletBinder 12A1Germany No 
Binder 12A-2Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934  LDSpamphletBinder 12A2Germany No 
Binder 12A-3Hamburg Passenger Lists at the Library of Congress   Misc.Binder 12A3Germany No 
Binder 12A-4Hamburg as an Emigration City   Misc.Binder 12A4GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-5Jewish Museum in Frankfurt   pamphletBinder 12A5Germany No 
Binder 12A-6Map identifying Jewish houses on Jewish Street in Frankfurt 1711 Misc.Binder 12A6Germany No 
Binder 12A-7How to find your ancestors in Germany  hirsch, hans GeorgeMisc.Binder 12A7Germany No 
Binder 12A-8Institute for the History of the German Jews   Misc.Binder 12A8GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-9U.S. State Dept Consular records, alphabetical list of German names   Misc.Binder 12A9Germany No 
Binder 12A-10Come trace your roots in Hamburg   pamphletBinder 12A10Germany No 
Binder 12A-11Sample excerpt from Hamburg Ship passenger list   Misc.Binder 12A11GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-12Archivum vol. IX, pamphlet about registration of births, deaths & marriages in Germany, Palestine & Israel 1959 Misc.Binder 12A12Germany No 
Binder 12A-13Hamburg Passport Register, categories   Misc.Binder 12A13GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-14Marriage register (Wedde-register)   Misc.Binder 12A14GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-15Register of births, Jewish Community of Hamburg & Altoona 1769 Misc.Binder 12A15GermanyHebrew & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-16File regarding the citizenship of Henry Heine   Misc.Binder 12A16GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-17Marriage register of the Mairie Hamburg 1814 Misc.Binder 12A17GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12A-18Jewish birth register, Hamburg 1816 Misc.Binder 12A18Germany No 
Binder 12A-19Census, Altoona, Germany 1769 Misc.Binder 12A19GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-20Hamburg Birth register 1869 Misc.Binder 12A20Germany No 
Binder 12A-21Jewish birth register, Hamburg & Altoona 1789 Misc.Binder 12A21GermanyHebrew , German & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-22Jewish Affairs in various Depts. of Towns of West Prussia & Bydgosz, Germany, alpha lists   Misc.Binder 12A22GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12A-23Don Joseph Nasi, Duke of Naxos, English translation by George Arnstein   Misc.Binder 12A23Germany No 
Binder 12A-24Concerning Portuguese Jews in Emden  Arnstein, GeorgeMisc.Binder 12A24GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-25Franz Babinger 3 perspectives on Constantinople, Galata & Skutari  Arnstein, GeorgeMisc.Binder 12A25GermanyGerman & EnglishNo 
Binder 12A-26Commission for the establishment of an educational institution for Jewish teachers 1846Arnstein, George (trans.)Misc.Binder 12A26Germany, Hanover, educationGerman, some EnglishNo 
Binder 12B-27Privileges of the Jews in Altoona, Germany  Marwedel, Gunter Misc.Binder 12B27GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12B-28The Story of the Jews of Bodersweier  BodersweierMisc.Binder 12B28Germany, BodersweierGermanNo 
Binder 12B-29Germany for the Jewish traveler   pamphletBinder 12B29Germany No 
Binder 12B-30History of the German Jews condensed from German & Jewish sources   Mendels, Kurt Misc.Binder 12B30Germany No 
Binder 12B-31Brilling Collection at the Frankfurt A.M. Museum   Misc.Binder 12B31GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12B-32Austro-Hungarian Embassy report on Don Joseph Nazi   Misc.Binder 12B32GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12B-33Remarks on the Mohel book of the Jewish Berlin Community   Misc.Binder 12B33GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12B-34Guide for non-German speakers to request genealogical records in German speaking areas   Misc.Binder 12B34Germany No 
Binder 12B-35List of Wurzburg Jews transported to Theresienstat 24 Sep 1942   Misc.Binder 12B35Germany No 
Binder 12B-36Breslaw Jewish community, 1924 & 1925   Misc.Binder 12B36GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12B-37List of Jewish families in Hessen, Germany   Misc.Binder 12B37Germany No 
Binder 12B-38List of YIVO's holdings on Germany   Misc.Binder 12B38Germany No 
Binder 12B-39List of YIVO's Vilna collection on Germany   Misc.Binder 12B39Germany No 
Binder 12B-40History of Jewish People in Rheinland-Pfalz & Saarland   Misc.Binder 12B40Germany No 
Binder 12B-41List of cemeteries in the PfalzCemeteries, Pfalz  Misc.Binder 12B41Germany No 
Binder 12B-42Jewish Comm in Hessen, vol IIHessen  Misc.Binder 12B42GermanyGermanNo 
Binder 12B-43Names from tombstones & a Holocaust memorial from Meudt, GermanyMeudt, Germany  Misc.Binder 12B43Germany No 
Binder 12B-44Federal Republic of Germany & the USA   pamphletBinder 12B44Germany No 
Binder 12B-45List from Koblenz State Secret Police of Jews, names, birth dates & places, last addresses   listBinder 12B45Germany No 
Binder 12B-46German script alphabetGerman script alphabet  Misc.Binder 12B46Germany No 
Binder 12B-47Description of types of Jewish records in Germany   Misc.Binder 12B47Germany No 
Binder 12B-48List of Jews deported from Saarland Saarland  Misc.Binder 12B48Germany No 
Binder 13-1Jewish Historical Society of MD, Baltimore   Misc.Binder 131Maryland No 
Binder 13-2Baltimore cemetery directoryBaltimore cemetery directory  listBinder 132Maryland No 
Binder 13-3Genealogical sources in Baltimore for Eastern Europe   Misc.Binder 133Maryland No 
Binder 13-4Illustrated History of Baltimore   Misc.Binder 134Maryland No 
Binder 13-5Synagogues in BaltimoreSynagogues, Baltimore  Misc.Binder 135Maryland No 
Binder 13-6Guide for genealogists in greater Baltimore Baltimore  Misc.Binder 136Maryland No 
Binder 13-7Letter from Leo HoenigLeo Hoenig  Misc.Binder 137Maryland No 
Binder 13-8Records in MD state archivesMD state archives  Misc.Binder 138Maryland No 
Binder 13-9Lloyd Street SynagogueLloyd Street Synagogue Jewish Historical Society of MDpamphletBinder 139Maryland No 
Binder 13-10MD Historical magazine   Misc.Binder 1310Maryland No 
Binder 13-11Guide to Index Holdings at the Hall of Records   Misc.Binder 1311Maryland No 
Binder 13-12Heben Benevolent Society photos   Misc.Binder 1312Maryland No 
Binder 13-13Resources of the Joseph Meyerhoff Library Joseph Meyerhoff Library resources  Misc.Binder 1313Maryland No 
Binder 14-1Catalog of photos, maps and documents from Eastern Europe   Misc.Binder 1414Boris Feldblyum Collection No 
Binder 15Index, Jewish Applicants for Emergency U.S. Passports at various Consular Posts, 1915-1924.U.S. Passport Applications, 1915-1924 U.S. Dept.of State Binder 15PassportsEnglishNo 
Binder 16-1Aarons familyAarons family  Family HistoryBinder 16Aarons No 
Binder 16-2Behrend family treeBehrend family tree  Family HistoryBinder 16Behrend No 
Binder 16-3Boon family Boon family   Family HistoryBinder 16Boon family No 
Binder 16-4Boon family (Israel Mutyl)Boon family (Israel Mutyl)  Family HistoryBinder 16Boon family No 
Binder 16-5Boon family (Nathan)Boon family (Nathan)  Family HistoryBinder 16Boon family No 
Binder 16-6Boon family (Sarah)Boon family (Sarah)  Family HistoryBinder 16Boon family No 
Binder 16-7Boon family (Malke)Boon family (Malke)  Family HistoryBinder 16Boon family No 
Binder 16-8Boon family (Golda)Boon family (Golda)  Family HistoryBinder 16Boon family No 
Binder 16-9Boonin family from Slutzk, PolishBoonin family from Slutzk, Polish  Family HistoryBinder 16Bines, BooninPolishNo 
Binder 16-10Chasman familyChasman family  Family HistoryBinder 17ChasmanEnglishNo 
Binder 16-11Cohn & Conitzer familyCohn & Conitzer family  Family HistoryBinder 17Cohn, ConitzerEnglishNo 
Binder 16-12Contagni/Del Vecchio family of Lugu, ItalyContagni/Del Vecchio family of Lugu, Italy  Family HistoryBinder 17Del VecchioEnglishNo 
Binder 16-13DeutscherDeutscher  Family HistoryBinder 17EdelsteinEnglishNo 
Binder 16-14GamsuGamsu  Family HistoryBinder 17EigEnglishNo 
Binder 16-15Glaser/EpsteinGlaser/Epstein  Family HistoryBinder 17Ellenbogen, Meyer, KatzenellenbogenEnglishNo 
Binder 17-1Goldklangs familyGoldklangs family  Family HistoryBinder 17FishEnglishNo 
Binder 17-2Gross familyGross family  Family HistoryBinder 17GamsuEnglishNo 
Binder 17-3Kremen/Karmen & Belsky familyKremen/Karmen & Belsky family  Family HistoryBinder 17Kremen, Karmenm Belshy No 
Binder 17-4Olswanger familyOlswanger family  Family HistoryBinder 17Olswanger No 
Binder 17-5Reisner familyReisner family  Family HistoryBinder 17Reisner No 
Binder 17-6SchwebelSchwebel        
Binder 17-7Shomer/Sommers familyShomer/Sommers family  Family HistoryBinder 17Schwebel No 
Binder 17-8Singer/Levy/Landauer familySinger/Levy/Landauer family  Family HistoryBinder 17Singer, Levy, Landaue No 
Binder 17-9Stern/Goldstein familyStern/Goldstein family  Family HistoryBinder 17Stern Goldstein No 
Binder 17-10Tanenbaum/Bassiur familyTanenbaum/Bassiur family  Family HistoryBinder 17Tanenbaum, Bassiur No 
Binder 17-11Tsemakhovich familyTsemakhovich family  Family HistoryBinder 17Tsemakhovich No 
Binder 17-12Tykocki familyTykocki family  Family HistoryBinder 17Tykocki No 
Binder 17-13Unger familyUnger family  Family HistoryBinder 17Unger Hert  No 
Binder 17-14Utitz familyUtitz family  Family HistoryBinder 17Utitz No 
Binder 17-15Werth familyWerth family  Family HistoryBinder 17Werth No 
Binder 18 - 1Family History Stories - Aron GroerFamily History Stories - Aron Groer2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18GroerEnglishNo 
Binder 18-2Family History Stories - Bea FoxBea Fox 2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Fox, RabinowitzEnglishNo 
Binder 18-3Family History Stories -Beverly G. StoneBeverly Stone (Goldfarb)2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Stone, Goldfarb FamilyEnglishNo 
Binder 18-4Family History Stories - Charlotte TzadikovCharlotte Tzadkov 2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Tzadlov FamilyEnglishNo 
Binder 18-5Family History Stories - Eva KaufmanEva Kaufman 2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18KaufmanEnglishNo 
Binder 18-6Family History Stories - Fay RabinFay Rabin (Witkiewicz)2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Rabin, WitkiewiczEnglishNo 
Binder 18-7Family History Stoies - Heshmat MoaadelHeshmat Moaadel2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18MoaadelEnglishNo 
Binder 18-8Family History Stories - Hy FoxFox, Tischler, Mechlawicz2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Fox, Tischler, MechlawiczEnglishNo 
Binder 18-9Family History Stories - Libby ElsonElson, Uzycki2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Elson, UzyckiEnglishNo 
Binder 18-10Family History Stories - Mary SussmanSussman2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18SussmanEnglishNo 
Binder 18-11Family History Stories - Nathan SwitzenSwitzen, Kolsman2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Switzen, KolsmanEnglishNo 
Binder 18-12Family History Stories - Mollie A. MylesMyles2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18MylesEnglishNo 
Binder 18-13Family History Stories - Shirley KirschnerKirschner2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18KirschnerEnglishNo 
Binder 18-14Family History Stories - Tillie CoopermanCooperman2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18CoopermanEnglishNo 
Binder 18-15Family History Stories - William LandeyLandey, Ludkin, Druck2002Terner, BenjaminFamily StoryBinder 18Landey, Ludkin, DruckEnglishNo 
Binder 19-1History of Grodno & well-known Jews of that City Grodno1880Freedenstein, Shimon monographBinder 19GrodnoYiddishNo 
Binder 19-2History of Grodno (Ecos de Grodno)Grodno1955 Misc.Binder 19LithuaniaYiddishNo 
Binder 19-3Lithuania - Place of my BirthLithuania Kariv, AvrahamMisc.Binder 19LithuaniaHebrewNo 
Binder 19-4The Pain of the Many Sufferings of the Jews in the years 1648-9 in Russia & Poland (Lithuania)Lithuania1905Ashkenazi, AvrahamMisc.Binder 19LithuaniaHebrewNo 
Binder 19-5The Tale of a Litvak, chap 6Litvak1985 Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-6ADirectory of Lithuanian doctors, dentists & pharmacists, 1925  Rhodem Harold Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-6BDirectory of Lithuanian doctors, dentists & pharmacists, 1925, (sorted by family name)  Rhodem Harold Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-6CDirectory of Lithuanian doctors, dentists & pharmacists, 1925, (sorted by town)  Rhodem Harold Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-7Militias of Magnates' Towns in Belorussia & Lithuania 16th-18th CenturiesBelorussia & Lithuania Hryckiewicz, Anatol Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-8The Shtetl Plunge   Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-9Memories of KeidanKeidan  Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-10Proposal for a movie on Jewish Resistance Against the Nazis:Partisans of Vilna   Kempner, Aviva & Josh WaletskyMisc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-11Searching for VilnaVilna1989Mariaschia, DanielMisc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-12Records of the Jewish Community Board in Vilna   Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-13Leipalingis 1503-1940, (or Leipun in Yiddish)Leipalingis 1503-1940 Rosen, Yoseph & Len Yodaiken (trans)Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-141925 Lithuania medical people   Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-15Our Lithuanian Heritage, including family trees of the families Frumkin, Naviasky, and Eviansky (Evans)  Nevies, Nachum Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-16Map of Lifshitz   mapBinder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-17List of inhabitants of Serei as of 1941   listBinder 19LithuaniaHebrewNo 
Binder 19-18Police (Nazi) records from Kovno GhettoKovno ghetto  Misc.Binder 19Kovno, HolocaustGerman, some EnglishNo 
Binder 19-1912 Lithuanian maps covering different time periods   MapBinder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-20Yizkor book of Rakishik & environs 1952 Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-21Mini-walking tour of Jewish sites in VilniusRakishik Yiskor book  Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-22Lithuania list of survivors, in Lithuanian?Lithuania  listBinder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 19-23Exhibition on Lithuanian Synagogues 1997 Misc.Binder 19Lithuania, synagoguesLithuanian & EnglishNo 
Binder 19-24Vilna Ghetto Posters: Jewish Spiritual Resistance   Misc.Binder 19Lithuania No 
Binder 21-1Jagiellonian University Research Center on Jewish History & Culture in Poland   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-2Cracow, article on Jewish culture in CracowCracow  Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-3Guide book to Pulawy, Kazimierz, Nalsczow 1978 pamphletBinder 21PolandPolish & EnglishNo 
Binder 21-4Nozyk Synagogue in WarsawNozyk Synagogue  pamphletBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-5They Lived Among Us, Polish Judaica, Ghetto MemorialPolish Judaica, Ghetto Memorial  pamphletBinder 21Poland, Holocaust No 
Binder 21-6Jewish Records Indexing-Poland (JRI Poland)   pamphletBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-7Former German towns known today under Polish names   listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-8Place names of former Prussian towns in present day Poland  Wynne, Suzan F.Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-9Jewish Survivors registered in Lodz, July 1945Lodz  listBinder 21Lodz, Poland, Holocaust No 
Binder 21-10Jews in Lodz ghetto beginning of 1944Lodz  listBinder 21Lodz, Poland, Holocaust No 
Binder 21-11Jews in Lodz ghetto beginning of 1944Lodz  listBinder 21Lodz, Poland, Holocaust No 
Binder 21-12Polish genealogical letter writing guide   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-13Austrian Poland, Galicia, history   Misc.Binder 21Galicia No 
Binder 21-14Jewish Genealogy, Focus on Poland  Davis, Lauren Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-15Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society publications   listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-16Polish Jewish nobility, list of names   listBinder 21PolandPolishNo 
Binder 21-17Polish Nobility, converts, list of names   listBinder 21PolandPolishNo 
Binder 21-18Raczki, Poland, partial censusRaczki  Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-19Poland, part IPoland1981New YorkerarticleBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-20Poland, part IIPoland1981New YorkerarticleBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-21Aid to language, Polish records   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-22Civil registers in Russian-ruled Poland   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-23Vital records in former Eastern Poland now under Soviet Administration   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-24Documents in the Archives of Poland  Yad VashemMisc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-25Resources for Poland 1995 Kagan, JoramMisc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-26Genealogical Research Involving Polish Ancestry   bibliographyBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-27Deportees to Minsk, 17 Jan 1941Minsk1941 listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-28Refugees deported from Camp de Gurs   listBinder 21Holocaust, Poland No 
Binder 21-29Jews in Theresienstat, Lodz, Vittel & Brancy   listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-30Material at Leo Baeck Inst. about the Holocaust & genealogy   listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-31Jews of Krefeld from 1933-1945 Krefeld   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-32Deportations on 22 Mar & 30 Apr 1942 from KoblenzKoblenz  Misc.Binder 21Holocaust, Poland No 
Binder 21-33Surviving Jews in Warsaw Warsaw  listBinder 21Warsaw, Holocaust No 
Binder 21-34Polish survivors in D.P. camps, Sharit Ha-Platah, vol IV 1945 listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-35Guide to Jewish vital records at Lomza archives   Misc.Binder 21PolandPolishNo 
Binder 21-36AGenealogies of selected families of Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland   Family HistoryBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-36BGenealogies of selected families of Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland   Family HistoryBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-37Sefer Bialystok, Memorial to Heroes & Martyrs of Bialystok   Misc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-38Polish records at the Family History Library  LDSMisc.Binder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-39Polish Vital Records   Brenner, MichaelmonographBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-40English-Polish words   listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 21-41Polish words   listBinder 21Poland No 
Binder 22-1Yad Vashem Page of Testimony   Misc.Binder 22Israel No 
Binder 22-2Landsmanshaft in Israel, 1993, community, contact person & address   listBinder 22Israel No 
Binder 22-3Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem 1970 Misc.Binder 22Israel No 
Binder 22-4History of Palestine during the Ottoman rule   Misc.Binder 22Israel No 
Binder 22-5Administration of archives in Israel & Abroad 1971 Misc.Binder 22Israel, Archives No 
Binder 22-6Public & Municipal Archives in Israel 1973Ellsbergm, Paul Misc.Binder 22Israel, ArchivesHebrewNo 
Binder 22-7Erets-Israel & Jewish Genealogy, Sources of Later Ottoman & Mandate Periods   Misc.Binder 22Israel No 
Binder 22-8Jewish National & University Library, Jerusalem, Finding Aids to Manuscript & Archive Collections   Misc.Binder 22Israel No 
Binder 22-9Collection of Sources on Palestine 1917-1940   Misc.Binder 22Israel No 
Binder 23-1Sources for genealogical research in France, in French   Misc.Binder 23France No 
Binder 23-2Refugees deported from Camp de Rivesaltes   Misc.Binder 23France No 
Binder 23-3Jews of France at the time of the Revolution   articleBinder 23France No 
Binder 23-4Catalog of Slavic periodicals & related studies in the libraries of Paris   catalogBinder 23FranceFrench & RussianNo 
Binder 23-5Jewish Physicians in Southern France during the 13th & 14th Centuries  Alteras, Isaac articleBinder 23France No 
Binder 23-6Lists of cemeteries & Synagogues in Paris   listBinder 23FranceHebrew & FrenchNo 
Binder 23-7Diagram of Mairie de Paris Cemetery   Misc.Binder 23France No 
Binder 24-1Creating Gen. Indexes of Holocaust Testimonies   Weiss, Robert Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-2How to use the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex Coding Chart   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-3How to Organize Genealogical Papers   Weiner, Miriam Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-4Translation aides, Hungarian   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-5Modern Records and Unusual Sources for Genealogy Research  Weiner, Miriam Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-6What Happened to Schmuel & Rebeka in the Holocaust a guide to starting Holocaust research   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-7The Cyrillic alphabet   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-8Months in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Albanian, Greek, Hungarian, Estonian & Finnish   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-9Family History Library & Centers  LDSpamphletBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-10Family History Library Publications List  LDSpamphletBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-11Family Search Military Index for Korea & Vietnam   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-12Family History Library Research Outline for US Records   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-13Outline for Jewish research at the Family History Library   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-14Eastern European researchers & translators   listBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-15Latin genealogical terms   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-16How to Use the US Social Security Death Index   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-17Hiring a professional genealogist   monographBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-18List of Jewish Community Books & sources where they are located   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-19Information on obtaining alien registration records   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-20Information on obtaining pictures of Passenger Ships   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-21Tracing Your Jewish Roots  Stern, MalcompamphletBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-22Hebrew words   listBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-23Red Cross searches   pamphletBinder 24How To No 
Binder 24-24Sources for Jewish genealogy   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-25Evaluating Sources & Keeping Records  Wilcox, ShirleyMisc.Binder 24How TogenealogyNo 
Binder 24-26INS District Boundaries & District numbers, addresses   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 24-27Jewish Family Heritage, Models for Schools, ideas for teaching genealogy to ages 12-14   Misc.Binder 24How To No 
Binder 25-1Pre-Holocaust European phone books in the NY City Public Library   listBinder 25New York No 
Binder 25-2Where to find NY City & State vital records   Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-3List of former residents of 97 Orchard St  Lower East Side Tenement MuseumMisc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-4Lower East Side Tenement Museum  Lower East Side Tenement MuseumpamphletBinder 25New York No 
Binder 25-5Tenement Times 1994Lower East Side Tenement MuseumMisc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-6Guide to Jewish Community Organizations in Greater NY City 1912 Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-7Jewish Immigrants, Aug 1908 (names & addresses) 1908HIASlistBinder 25New York No 
Binder 25-8Jewish landsmanschaften of NY, (names & addresses of secretaries)   listBinder 25New York, landsmanshaft No 
Binder 25-9Description of Ellis Island   Frankel, MeyerMisc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-10NY Research in the LDS (Mormon) Library, microfilm numbers  LDSMisc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-11Enumeration Districts of NY City, 1910, streets listed 1910 Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-12Street boundaries of the wards of NY City 1910 Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-13Guide to US & Canadian City Directories & Social Registers at the NY Public Library Annex 1992 Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-14Info on NY Liquidation Bureau & closed burial/landsmanschaften societies   Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-15Museum of Jewish Heritage, NY Holocaust Memorial Commission pamphlet   Misc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 25-16Researching Family Roots at Leo Beck Institute  LBI NewsMisc.Binder 25New York No 
Binder 26-1The labor movement and the Jews 1995Washington PostMisc.Binder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-2Preserving photos   Misc.Binder 26preservation No 
Binder 26-3Noyek family reunioin 1994 Family HistoryBinder 26MISC.NoyekNo 
Binder 26-4Ketubah for Jewish genealogical research   Misc.Binder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-5Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts: libraries and collections microfilmed   listBinder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-6Sephardic articles in Avotaynu   Misc.Binder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-7Tracing your medical family tree 1994Jerusalem PostMisc.Binder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-8Immigrant's Tale 1990 articleBinder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-9Guide to speakers on Israel 1999 Misc.Binder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-10Jews & Germanism  Wallenstein, Abraham Misc.Binder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-11Postman Rings Twice: a genealogy tour  Weiner, Miriam articleBinder 26MISC. No 
Binder 26-12Sephardic Jews & the Holocaust  Center for Molacaust StudiesbibliographyBinder 26Sephardic, Holocaust No 
Binder 26-13Use of genetic markers in Oriental Jewish Historical Studies 1972 Misc.Binder 26DNA No 
Binder 27-1Survivors from Kobrin   listBinder 27Belarus No 
Binder 27-2Radzivily management of the Estate, translation of the original documents)   Misc.Binder 27Belarus No 
Binder 27-3Correspondence on archival materials regarding Slutsk, in Minsk Guberniya   Misc.Binder 27Belarus No 
Binder 28-1Current Judaica Ucrainica: bibliography of Ukrainian newspaper articles about Jewish topics 1994 bibliographyBinder 28Ukraine No 
Binder 28-2Existence of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America 1920 correspondenceBinder 28Ukraine No 
Binder 28-3Archival sources for records about Lutsk   listBinder 28Ukraine No 
Binder 28-4Tourist brochure about Belaya Tserkov 1898-present, with photos   pamphletBinder 28UkraineRussianNo 
Binder 28-5Genealogical knowledge from documents about Satanov 1830-31 cholera epidemic   Misc.Binder 28Ukraine No 
Binder 28-6Belaya Tserkov; pictures of monuments and plaques, and lifestories of founders of schools and national heroes 1991 Misc.Binder 28UkraineRussianNo 
Binder 29-1Population History in Russian Baltic Provinces, 1721-1917   Plakans, AndrejsMisc.Binder 29Baltic States No 
Binder 29-2The Principal Baltic Sources in Pre-Modern Period   Plakans, AndrejsMisc.Binder 29Baltic States No 
Binder 29-3Tables of Geographic Names in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Belorussia   Misc.Binder 29Baltic States No 
Binder 30-1Index of various pogroms in Russian districts 1903-1906   Misc.Binder 30RussiaGermanNo 
Binder 30-2Statistical facts number of Jewish draftees by year and region, 1880-1909   Misc.Binder 30RussiaRussianNo 
Binder 30-3Place name index, Extraordinary State Commission to Investigate Nazi Crimes Committed on Soviet Territory, index to communities   listBinder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-4Article on Nazi Holocaust in the Soviet Union: Interpreting newly opened Russian Archives 1995Garrard, John articleBinder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-5Index to the Cities, Villages & Towns of the Tsarist Empire 1903 listBinder 30RussiaRussianNo 
Binder 30-6Shtetl geography aerial photos, town plans & photos of towns in Russia & Poland  Weiner, Miriam Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-7Sources for genealogical research in the Soviet Union 1983Mehr, Kahlile & Daniel SchlyterMisc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-8USSR Vital Records request instructions 1978 Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-9USSR Vital records Canada Request info through Canada-USSR Association   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-10Info on obtaining WWII aerial reconnaissance photos of Russian villages   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-11Printout of a family tree from Russia with names & other genealogical information   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-12Jews in Russian & foreign armies 1911 Misc.Binder 30RussiaRussianNo 
Binder 30-13Catalogs of Russia & Eastern Europe   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-14Russia (USSR) supplemental serials on microfiche by EDS   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-1518th century Russian studies on microfiche   listBinder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-16Russia (USSR) & Eastern Europe, books & serials on microfiche   listBinder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-17Pre-revolutionary Russia, publications about Gubernias   Misc.Binder 30RussiaRussianNo 
Binder 30-18Article about national & cultural factors of Soviet minorities 1988ShalomMisc.Binder 30RussiaRussianNo 
Binder 30-19Traces of Russian Jewish Past, 1988, Washington Post   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-20The Record, special section of Jewish Week newspaper, Oct 1980, history of the Jews in Russia   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-21Description sheet & box list for Boris A Bakhmeteff papers, ambassador to US 1917-1922, including records of Russian Embassy   Misc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 30-22Resource list for travel to Russia 1992Goldman, DianeMisc.Binder 30Russia No 
Binder 31-AUST 1Australian JHS, pamphlet, 1990, index to names, places, subjects, congregations, cemeteries   Misc.Binder 31Australia No 
Binder 31-AUST 2Jews of Australia 1989WJCMisc.Binder 31Australia No 
Binder 31-AUST 3Jews Don't Surf 1995 Jewish WorldMisc.Binder 31Australia No 
Binder 31-AUS 1Guide to Austrian genealoical records   Misc.Binder 31Austria No 
Binder 31-AUS 2Names on Austrian family trees   listBinder 31Austria No 
Binder 31-CSA 1Murdering Memory in Argentina 1994New York TimesMisc.Binder 31Central & South America No 
Binder 31-CSA 2B'nai B'rith & Cuban Jews 1995WJWMisc.Binder 31Central & South America No 
Binder 31-CSA 3Jewish travel sites in Argentina & Brazil   Misc.Binder 31Argentina, Brazil No 
Binder 31-CSA 4Jewish genealogical bibliography for the Caribbean   bibliographyBinder 31Central & South America No 
Binder 31-CSA 5Jews in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1989Miami Jewish TribuneMisc.Binder 31Central & South America No 
Binder 31-CSA 6Jewish traveller's guide to South America   Misc.Binder 31Central & South America No 
Binder 31-GRE 1Jewish Museum of Greece   pamphletBinder 31Greece No 
Binder 31-GRE 2Jewish Museum of Greece 1991Jewish Museum of GreecenewsletterBinder 31Greece No 
Binder 31-GRE 3Jewish Heritage in Greece   pamphletBinder 31Greece No 
Binder 31-GRE 4Hebrew Epitaphs of Mistra 1981 Misc.Binder 31Greece No 
Binder 31-ME 1Jews of Iraq   articleBinder 31Middle East No 
Binder 31-ME 2Jews of Syria  WJCMisc.Binder 31Middle East No 
Binder 31-SCAN 1Scandinavian census? survey form    Misc.Binder 31ScandinaviaSome EnglishNo 
Binder 31-SCAN 2Regional archives of Gothenburg   pamphletBinder 31ScandinaviaEnglish & SwedishNo 
Binder 31-SCAN 3Stockholm Jewish Museum   pamphletBinder 31ScandinaviaEnglish & SwedishNo 
Binder 31-SCAN 4Genealogy in Sweden   pamphletBinder 31Scandinavia No 
Binder 31-SPAIN 1Ancestor hunting in Spain  Weiner, Miriam Misc.Binder 31Spain No 
Binder 31-SWITZ 1Jewish City guide to Switzerland 1993 Misc.Binder 31Switzerland No 
Binder 31-SWITZ 2Swiss Jewish families from 1300s in Lengnau & Endigen 1954 Misc.Binder 31SwitzerlandGermanNo 
Binder 32Jewish Family Finder 1998 1998      

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