JGSGW Library - CDs and DVDs

Call #TitleDescriptionPub. DateAuthor/Editor/OrganizationTypeLocationSubjectLanguageOversized?Donated By
CD 03Records of New Amsterdam (NY) 1653-1674, vol. 1-7  Heritage Books ArchivesCD-RomMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 04Great American Hunt: a basic course in American Genealogy [beta version] 1998 CD-RomMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 05Victims of the Holocaust 1997Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day SaintsCD-RomMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 06Immigrants in Pennsylvania: a collection of thirty thousand namesPennsylvania immigrants1927Rupp, J. DanielCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 07Jewish Genealogy Yearbook, 1998-2003 1998-2003Interantional Assn. of Jewish Genealogical Societies.CDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 08And the Caravan Goes On and On; the story of the Gevirtzman FamilyGevirtzman family history2005GevirtzmanCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 09IGS Projects of the 24th IAJGS Conference on Jewish GenealogyIsraeli Genealogy projects 2004Israel Genealogical SocietyCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 1024th IAJGS Conference - Index of presentations, biographies, IAJGS YearbookIAJGS conference 2004IAJGSCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 11Avotaynu1985-20022003AvotaynuCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 12Family Tree of the Jewish People; version 2.0Family tree2000IAJGSCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 13Jewish Records in the Family History Catalog as of Feb. 1, 2001Jewish records at Family History Library2001IAJGSCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 14Hamagid; cd-rom of Hamagid's obituaries, wills, death notices and records  Computer Center of Jewish GenealogyCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 15Russians to America, 1850-1896. Passenger and Immigration ListsRussian immigrants to US Family Tree Maker's Family ArchivesCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 16Computerized Telephone Directory - Israel [Taxphone]Israeli telephone numbers1996TaxphoneCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 17Cemetery Project 1998cemetery records1998Association of Jewish Genealogical SocietiesCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 18London 1891 Census [38 discs in Adobe Acrobat version 4; including master index]London 1891 Census2001British Data ArchiveCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 19Genealogist's Address Book; edition 5.3 2006Bentley EnterprisesCDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 20JGSGW Program - It's called Research, not Data Retrieval; Searching for Records Online and OffNARA (National Archives) records2009Constance PotterAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1 English  
CD 21JGSGW Program- Jewish Medicine in Medieval timesMedieval Medicine2009Louis BlumenAudio CD  English  
CD 22JGSGW Program - The Plague and Genetics and The Influenza Pandemic of 1917-1918.Medicine, Influenza2009Edmund C. TramontAudio CD  English  
CD 23Beginner's Workshopgenealogy, beginner2008Marlene Bishow, Rick MeyersburgCD  English  
CD 24JGSGW Program - Litvak LegacyLithuania- history, Litvaks - History2009Mark OzerAudio CDMap cabinet, drawer #1Lithuania- history, Litvaks - HistoryEnglish  
CD 25JGSGW Program - Solving and Creating Family Mysteries; integrating US Census records with the New York City ArchivesNew York City Muncipal Archives, US Census2008Carole FreemanAudio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1New York City-Municipal Archives, New York city - ArchivesEnglish  
CD 26JGSGW Program - The Foods Our Ancestors AteFood-history, Jewish food2009Joan NathanAudio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1Food-history, Jewish foodEnglish  
CD 27JGS Societies - NewslettersSociety Newsletters2003 - 2008JGS Societies      
CD 28Gersher Galicia; history and SIG activites Cadastral Maps and Landowner Records.Lecture2009Weisberger, Pamela Audio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1Galicia, Gersher Galicia SIGEnglish  
CD 29How to find Anyone, Anwhere, anyhow Using the latest Mapping techniquesLecture2009Arons, RonAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1Google, MapsEnglish  
CD 30Genealogy Fest; a comprehensive "Brick Wall" DiscussionLecture2010JGSGWAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1genealogyEnglish  
CD 31NARA; discussion of research experience and changes brought by technology.Program2010National ArchivesAudio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1National ArchivesEnglish  
CD 32What it was like to arrive in America through Ellis IslandProgram7/2/1905Barry NoveAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1    
CD 33Following false trailsProgram5/16/2010Sallyann SackAudio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1    
CD 34Whatever you wanted to know about Ashkenazi Jewish dieseasesProgram3/7/2010Gary FrohlichAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1    
CD 35Gesher Galicia Regional meeting & Cadastral Maps and Landowner RecordsProgram11/15/2009Pamela WeissbergerAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Galiciaenglish  
CD 36Annie's Ghost; a journey into a family secretProgram9/10/2010Steve LuxembergAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Genealogy; Mental InstitutionsEnglish  
CD 37What every genealogist should know about copyrightsProgram9/14/2008Lindsey TonsagerAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1CopyrightEnglish  
CD 38Archival research; strategies and challenges for SuccessProgram7/2/1905Feldblyum, BorisAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Archival ResearchEnglish  
CD 39E-Newsletters from JGS Societies 7/2/1905JGS Audio CDMap cabinet drawer #1genealogyEnglish  
CD 40How to Read a Jewish TombstoneProgram11/21/2010Steve VenickAudio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1 TombstonesEnglish  
CD 41Heavens are Empty; discovering the lost town of TrochenbrodProgram12/12/2010Avrom Ben-David-ValAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1TrochenbrodEnglish  
CD 42Cultural Continuity and its ChallengesProgram1/23/2011Miriam IsaacsAudio CDMap cabinet Drawer #1Yiddish cultureEnglish  
CD 43My Journey in genealogy: Tips, How-to's and Rewards Program4/17/2011Patti MaslinolffAudio CDMap cabinet Drawer #1genealogyEnglish  
CD 43Women against Tyranny; Poems of Resistance During the HolocaustProgram4/17/2011Davi WalterAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
CD 44Engage Children by Teaching Family HistoryProgram5/15/2011Daniel HorowitzAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1genealogyEnglish  
CD 45DNA for Dummies; What To Do with your y-DNA ResultsProgram9/22/2011Arline & Sid SachsAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1DNAEnglish  
CD 46Create a NextGen Family History Book - getting started.Program12/11/2011Marlis HumphreyAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD 47Jews and ChocolateProgram6/12/2011Sheliak KaufmanAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1chocolateenglish  
CD 48Your Jewish Roots in Poland JRI-Poland, the Records and more. Program2/12/2012Mark HalpernAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1PolandEnglish  
CD 49The Chosen Folks:Writing about the Jews of Texas. Program4/15/2012Bryan Edward StoneAudio CDMap Cabinet drawer #1Texan JewsEnglish  
CD 50Jews of SudanProgram3/11/2012Jeff MalkaAudio CDMap Cabinet Drawer #1SudanEnglish  
84JE17Research Strategy in the Soviet UnionLecture1984Boonin, HarryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RussiaEnglish  
84JE18Genealogical TravelLecture1984Friedlander, AlexAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Travel - PolandEnglish  
84JE22Descendants of Moshe RivkesLecture1984Rivlin, B.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Family HistoryEnglish  
84JE23Clerks/ Treasurers of AmsterdamLecture1984Morgenstern, Dr. AriehAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HollandEnglish  
84JE24Immigration Through Galveston, TexasLecture1984Marinbach, Dr. B.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GalvestonEnglish  
84JE27Biblical GenealogyLecture1984Demsky, Prof. AaronAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Biblical GenealogyEnglish  
84JE32Why We Do GenealogyLecture1984Shulkin/WeinbachAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GenealogyEnglish  
84IS34Hall of Remembrance: Yad VashemLecture1984 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Israel: SourcesEnglish  
84JE35Search Bureau / Israel State ArchivesLecture1984Unterschatz / AradAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Missing PersonsEnglish  
84JE36Jewish Natl. & University LibraryLecture1984Richter, BenjaminAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Israel: SourcesEnglish  
88DC01Archival Exchange Agreement Between Soviet Union and USLecture1988Wilson, Dr. Don W.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Archival ExchangeEnglish  
88DC04Lib. of Congress/ Natl. Arch - Lesser-Known Items InterestLecture1988Weiner, MiriamAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1National ArchivesEnglish  
88DC06ABContradictions and Problems in Rabbinic Genealogy (MP3)Lecture1988Rosenstein/ RichterAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Rabbinic GenealogyEnglish  
88DCO8Yad Vashem/Pinkas Hakehillot Biblio ResourcesLecture1988Levin, Prof. DovAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LatviaEnglish  
88DC09Business Directories, 19th & 20th CenturyLecture1988Rhode, Dr. HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Russia - BusinessEnglish  
88DC10Rabbinic Genealogical ResearchLecture1988Einseidler, DavidAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Rabbinic GenealogyEnglish  
88DC12Workshop/Travel to PolandLecture1988Gersen, Prof.LouisAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Travel - PolandEnglish  
88DC12bResearch Trip to Poland (Slides and Discussion)Lecture1988Starkman, BettyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Travel - PolandEnglish  
90LA02Sources - PeopleLecture1990Einsiedler, DavidAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RabbinicEnglish  
90BS03Srcs Outside DC/NaturaliztionLecture1990Sack, Dr.S./Klein, PAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Genealogy: BeginnersEnglish  
90GW01PreservationLecture1990Hawes, ElaineAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PreservationEnglish  
90GW03Changing Map of EuropeLecture1990Stern, Rabbi MalcolmAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1European HistoryEnglish  
90GW04Immigration PatternsLecture1990Eisenberg, EllenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Jewish FarmersEnglish  
90GW10Family History as ToolLecture1990Sidransky/ Ginn, Drs.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Medicine & GenealgoyEnglish  
90GW11Shtetl GeographyLecture1990Sack, Dr. SallyannAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ShtetlsEnglish  
90LA05Polish HistoryLecture1990Schlyter, DanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
90LA10Plenary Session: Russian SourecesLecture1990Weiner, Miriam Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
90LA11German HistoryLecture1990Lowenstein, SteveAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1German ResearchEnglish  
90LA18Oral HistoriesLecture1990Kuzmack, LindaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
90LA19Translating Polish RecordsLecture1990Frazin, JudithAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
90LA26Passing Through The PaleLecture1990Parry-Max MalevitzAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Travel-RussiaEnglish  
95DC00Geneal. as a Spiritual PilgrimageLecture1995Kurzweil, ArthurAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Stern Mem. LectureEnglish  
95DC07Hungarian Jewish GenealogyLecture1995Schonfeld, LouisAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HungaryEnglish  
95DC08Maximize Response from Russian ArchivesLecture1995Eames, PatriciaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RussiaEnglish  
95DC10Jew. Gen. in Belarussian ArchivesLecture1995Soshnikov, VladislavAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1BelarusEnglish  
95DC12Israel ResourcesLecture1995Unterschatz, BatyaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Israel: SourcesEnglish  
95DC17ARomania-Sudits & Other Discoveries (Part 1)Lecture1995Pascal, PaulAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RomaniaEnglish  
95DC17BRomania-Sudits & Other Discoveries (Part 2)Lecture1995Pascal, PaulAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RomaniaEnglish  
95DC19AWere Your Czarist Empire Ancestors Real Personal NamesLecture1995Rhode, HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LithuaniaEnglish  
95DC19BWere Your Czarist Empire Ancestors Real Personal NamesLecture1995Rhode, HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LithuaniaEnglish  
95DC20Jewish Genealogy in the CaribbeanLecture1995Lederer, Dr. Rolf A,Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1CaribbeanEnglish  
96BS00abThis Jewish CenturyLecture1996Gittleman, Sol Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1    
96BS04Israel: Shortest Detour to European AncestorsLecture1996Sack, SallyannAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1IsraelEnglish  
96BS06Russian Business DirectoriesLecture1996Gostin, TedAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RussiaEnglish  
96BS07Publishing a Book about Russian-Jewish FamiliesLecture1996Boonin, HarryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PublishingEnglish  
96BS10Russian Era Indexing in PolandLecture1996Zedeck, steveAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
96BS12European History for the Jewish GenealogistLecture1996Arbeiter, Nancy LevinAudio CDMap Cabiner - drawer #1European HistoryEnglish  
98LA18Pioneer Jews of the WestLecture1998Rochlin, HarrietAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1United StatesEnglish  
98LA19Sources for Jewish Genealogy in Romania Lecture1998Gyemant,LadislauAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RomaniaEnglish  
98LA20History of the Jews of Los AngelesLecture1998Sass, StevenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1United StatesEnglish  
98LA46Remembering Lithuanian Shoah VictimsLecture1998Cohen, Rose LererAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
98LA47Introduction to Rabbinic GenealogyLecture1998Rosenstein, Dr. NeilAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Rabbinic GenealogyEnglish  
98LA49Jewish Gen. Research at YIVOLecture1998Baker, ZacharyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Genealogical ResourcesEnglish  
98LA50Sources on Holocaust Victims & SurvivorsLecture1998Lande, PeterAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
98LA52Jewish Gen. Research in South AfricaLecture1998Ogus, RoyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1South AfricaEnglish  
98LA53Tracking Jews in Motion Picture IndustryLecture1998Almendarez, ValAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1United States: HollywoodEnglish  
98LA54Routes to Roots-Travel and Arch. Resh Ukr, Mold, BelarusLecture1998Weiner, MiriamAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Ukr./ Moldova/BelarusEnglish  
98LA55Holocaust and Insurance-How Gen. helpsLecture1998Senn, DeborahAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
98LA56Jew. Geneal. Research at J. Historical Inst.Lecture1998Reisner, Yale J.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
98LA57Jews of the Ottoman EmpireLecture1998Shaw, Dr. StanfordAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1OttomanEnglish  
98LA58Jewish Geneal. Research in IsraelLecture1998Sack, Dr. SallyannAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Israel: SourcesEnglish  
99NY81Inquisitions/Archival Rch Late Medieval/Early Modrn SpainLecture1999Feldman, Lawrence HAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1SpainEnglish  
00SL08How to Read German RecordsLecture2000Edlund, ThomAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GermanyEnglish  
00SL11How to Read Polish RecordsLecture2000Edlund, ThomAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
00SL12Naturalization Records: An In-Depth ReviewLecture2000Arbeiter, Nancy LevinAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1NaturalizationEnglish  
00SL40Why Our Ancestors Did not Come from A Single Shtetl Lecture2000Rhode, HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GenealogyEnglish  
00SL42Jewish Genealogical Research in Former Prussian Terr.Lecture2000Luft, Edward DavidAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PrussiaEnglish  
00SL43Jewish Records in the Family History LibraryLecture2000Goodstein, NancyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1FHLEnglish  
00SL45Moldova ResearchLecture2000Soshnikoff, VladAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1MoldovaEnglish  
00SL46A Generic Approach to Tracing Jews in the British Ref AreaLecture2000Wight, Judy Eccles AGAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Great BritainEnglish  
00SL61The Irgung and the War of LiberationLecture2000Yodeiken, RalphAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
00SL64Shtetl Travel 2000: Make Your Research Come AliveLecture2000Shindelman, EllenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1TravelEnglish  
00SL66Teaching Jewish GenealogyLecture2000Fridman, Rabbi MattAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Genealogy EducationEnglish  
00SL69Tracing Your Hasidic RootsLecture2000Guber, RafaelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HasidismEnglish  
00SL70The Establishment of Jewish Names in the Austrian EmpireLecture2000Roberts, JayareAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Surnanes, AustriaEnglish  
00SL72A Methodology for Researching Rabbinical DynastiesLecture2000Frank, WernerAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Rabbinic ResearchEnglish  
00SL75Planning a Trip to Your Ancestral ShtetlLecture2000Kopilevich, ReginaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1TravelEnglish  
00SL76The Art of InterviewLecture2000Eneman, SamAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1InterviewEnglish  
00SL77Methods and Media for Sharing Your Genealogical InformationLecture2000Heckman, MarkAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GenealogyEnglish  
00SL81Dealing with Skeletons in the Closet and Reluctant RelativesLecture2000Lenrow, MortenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GenealogyEnglish  
00SL84Litvak SIG Luncheon: Memorable Expr as a Guide in LithuaniaLecture2000Kopilevich, ReginaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LithuaniaEnglish  
00SL85Brilling Archives in Frankfurt Museum - Untapped Res (More)Lecture2000Luft, David Edward Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GermanyEnglish  
00SL86Creating an Oral History ProjectLecture2000Eneman, SamAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Oral HistoryEnglish  
00SL87Organizing a Reunion from A to ZLecture2000Margolis / LeesonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ReunionsEnglish  
00SL88Tracing Your Sephardic GenealogyLecture2000Cortissos, RudieAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Sephardic GenealogyEnglish  
00SL91London Resources for the Jewish GenealogistLecture2000Berger, DoreenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LondonEnglish  
00SL93Genetic Approaches to J. History: J Migration Through HistoryLecture2000Hammer, MichaelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GeneticsEnglish  
00SL95The Living Heirs Project: Past and Present Lecture2000Hunt / KahnAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
03DC11How to Pronounce and Recognize Your Polish Town and Family NamesLecture2003Bussgang, Fay VogelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
03DC12Essentials of Hebrew Language for Jewish GenealogistsLecture2003Cohen, Rose LererAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HebrewEnglish  
03DC13Genealogical Research in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC.Lecture2003Heger & PotterAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1National ArchivesEnglish  
03DC14The Belarus SIG: How to Locate Your Ancestors and their ShtetlsLecture2003Rosenbaum, EdwardAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1BelarusEnglish  
03DC16Askenazi Jewish Community of Mexico: Genealogical sourcesLecture2003Rubenstein, AlejandroAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1MexicoEnglish  
03DC17German-language Archives: A Blueprint for ResearchersLecture2003Rose, EmilyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GermanyEnglish  
03DC18Southern Africa Jewish GenealogyLecture2003Getz & OgusAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1South AfricaEnglish  
00SL19Changing Borders of Eastern EuropeLecture2000Bookbinder, HalAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GeographyEnglish  
03DC20The Jews of Austria-Hungary 1867-1918Lecture2003Rozenblit, MarshaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Austria-HungaryEnglish  
00SL22How to Read Hungarian RecordsLecture2000Schlyter, DanielAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HungaryEnglish  
03DC26Finding Your Ancestral ShtetlLecture2003Sack, Sallyann & Gary MokotoffAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ShtetlsEnglish  
03DC27Passport Applications at the National ArchivesLecture2003Sack, Sallyann & Gary MokotoffAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1National ArchivesEnglish  
03DC28Hitler's Jewish SoldiersLecture2003Precntel-Kluskens, ClaireAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
03DC29Documents in the Hungarian Jewish ArchivesLecture2003Froijimovics, KingaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HungaryEnglish  
03DC30The Tower of Life at the USHMMLecture2003Eliasch, YaffaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
03DC32Finding Family in the 18th Century Records of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania /Kingdom of PolandLecture2003Hoffman, David & SoniaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Lithuania, PolandEnglish  
03DC33U.S. Military Intelligence Records 1917-1941 in Archives IILecture2003Hoffman, David & SoniaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1National ArchivesEnglish  
03DC34Jewish Hungarian Family NovelsLecture2003Horvath, RitaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HungaryEnglish  
03DC36Port of Last Resort: The Jews of ShanghaiLecture2003Ristaino, Marcia R.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ShangaiEnglish  
03DC37Sources & Strategies for Locating Holocaust Victims and SurvivorsLecture2003Lande, PeterAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
03DC38Opening Up Records of the Russian Ilnd (Moscow Police) Dept. 1880-1917: Genealogical GoldLecture2003Bolotenko, GeorgeAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RussiaEnglish  
03DC39How to find Aerial Photographs of Your Ancestral Shtetl at Archives IILecture2003Kahn, BruceAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1National ArchivesEnglish  
03DC40White, Blue, Gray! What Color Ellis Island Search Form Should I Use?Lecture2003Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Ellis IslandEnglish  
03DC41The Immigrant Experience: From Steerage to Ellis IslandLecture2003Carmack, SharonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Ellis IslandEnglish  
03DC42The Austro-Hungarian Empire: Conventional & Unconventional ResourcesLecture2003Wellisch, HenryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Austria-HungaryEnglish  
03DC44Preserving Your Past: Conservation of Documents and PhotographyLecture2003Jacobson, Emily KAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Preservation, ConservationEnglish  
03DC45Through the Looking Glass of History: Putting the Shtetl Pieces TogetherLecture2003Feldman, RoseAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HistoryEnglish  
03DC46Autobiography in Historical Content: Together and Apart In BrezezanyLecture2003Redlich, ShimonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1BrezezanyEnglish  
03DC48Jewish Naming Customs in Hungary from the Turn of the Twelfth Century Until the HolocaustLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
03DC49Jestemy/Mir Zaynen Do: Post War Registration of Polish Holocaust SurvivorsLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Holocaust, PolandEnglish  
03DC50Braking Through Brick Walls: Sharing Ideas to Solve Our Genealogical Research ProblemsLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GenealogyEnglish  
03DC51From Family Tales to Family History: A Genealogical Saga In Dvinsk, London and JohannesburgLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
03DC52Finding Your Female AncestorsLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1FemalesEnglish  
03DC53Jewish Surnames in Russia, Poland & GaliciaLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1SurnamesEnglish  
03DC55U.S. Federal Census Records in 1790-1870 and Non-Population Census Records in the National ArchivesLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1National Archives, CensusEnglish  
03DC56A Life In Pieces: The Wilkomirskis of Riga, Fantasy and RealityLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Riga, LatviaEnglish  
03DC57Discovering Jewish Roots in Poland: Poles Raised as Gentiles Return to their Jewish IdentityLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
03DC58Playing Hide and Seek in the 1930 CensusLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1CensusEnglish  
03DC59Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland - Probable Origins of Our Latvian AncestorsLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LatviaEnglish  
03DC62Recovering Women's History In Hassidism: The Shapiro Lineage in KozienceLecture2003Polen, NehemiaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HassidismEnglish  
03DC63Jewish Life in Belorussia, Ukraine & Lithuania in the 14th-16th CenturiesLecture2003Beider, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Belarus, Ukraine, LithuaniaEnglish  
03DC64Vital Records Around the WorldLecture2003Arbeiter, Nancy LevinAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1vital RecordsEnglish  
03DC65What Academic and Research Libraries Offer for Jewish GenealogistsLecture2003Pearlstein / Belinfante / HirschAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ResearchEnglish  
03DC67Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration: Reclaiming Our Heritage & Preserving Our PastLecture2003Weinberg / AndersonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1PolandEnglish  
03DC68Litvak SIG and Lithuanian Research 2003 Lecture2003Handler, Davida NoyekAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1LithuaniaEnglish  
03DC69Jewish Genealogical Research In the Transcarpathia Region of UkraineLecture2003Dunai, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1TranscarpathiaEnglish  
03DC70U.S. Passenger Arrival Records - The BasicsLecture2003Colletta, John P.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Immigration RecordsEnglish  
03DC72The Origin, Place and Role of the Sephardim in Jewish HistoryLecture2003Taieb-Cohen, SarahAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Sephardic GenealogyEnglish  
03DC73Jewish Records in the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in KievLecture2003Muzychuk, OlgaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1UkraineEnglish  
03DC74Researching Your South African roots on the InternetLecture2003Rabinowitz, AnnAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1South AfricaEnglish  
03DC76Coroner/Medical Examiner ReportsLecture2003Jaffe, Sylvia LetvakAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Legal RecordsEnglish  
03DC78A Black Purse: When My Grandmother was CatholicLecture2003Tuszynska, AgataAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
03DC80The Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945: A Book of RemembranceLecture2003Cohen & IssroffAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Holocaust, LithuaniaEnglish  
03DC81Ukraine Archival Holdings (Update) and Town VisitsLecture2003Weiner, MiriamAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1UkraineEnglish  
03DC82Travel to Your Ancestral ShtetlLecture2003Baston, Diamond, Gavis, MargolAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1TravelEnglish  
03DC83Understanding Your Galician Vital RecordsLecture2003Halpern, MarkAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GaliciaEnglish  
03DC85The Jews of Bulgaria: Their Surnames as a Mirror of Their HistoryLecture2003Tagger, Mathilde A.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1BulgariaEnglish  
03DC86Moses Mendelssohn and the Jewish Historical ClockLecture2003Honey, MichaelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HistoryEnglish  
03DC87Jewish Records in the Kanus Archives: Tracing Human Lives in Official RecordsLecture2003Gircyte, VitalijaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Lithuania, KanusEnglish  
03DC89Magnate Landowner Records of Eastern EuropeLecture2003Riley, Gayle SchisselAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Land RecordsEnglish  
03DC91Researching Greek Jewish GenealogyLecture2003Kerem, YizchakAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GreeceEnglish  
03DC92Encouraging Senior Citizens to Write Their Family HistoryLecture2003Terner, BenjaminAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Family HistoryEnglish  
03DC931765, 1784, 1795: The Polish Revision Lists for the Area that Became Kovno GuberniaLecture2003Rhode, HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
03DC95Genealogical Resources at Yad VashemLecture2003Avraham, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Yad VashemEnglish  
03DC96Jewish Genealogy in FloridaLecture2003Paulin, Gladys FriedmanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1FloridaEnglish  
03DC97Jewish Genealogy Resources in IstambulLecture2003Kazez, DanielAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1TurkeyEnglish  
03DC99The Historical and Demographic Background of Jewish Family History Research in RomaniaLecture2003Gyeman, LadislauAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RomaniaEnglish  
03DC100Russian Archival Research: Challenges and Strategies for SuccessLecture2003Feldblyum, BorisAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RussiaEnglish  
03DC102Beyond the Names: Mining that City DirectoryLecture2003Paulin, Gladys FriedmanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1City DirectoriesEnglish  
03DC103The Jews of Cape Verde Project: Preservation of memoryLecture2003Castiel, CarolAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Cape VerdeEnglish  
03DC104The Wayfarers - The Story of the Fusgeyers of Romania: Those Who Went By footLecture2003Tower, StuartAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RomaniaEnglish  
03DC105The Jews of Siberia - an Introduction to Information SourcesLecture2003Leich, Harold M.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1SiberiaEnglish  
03DC106HIAS and INS Case FilesLecture2003Bazarov, Valery & Marian L. smithAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HIAS, INSEnglish  
03DC108The Sephardic Legacy: A History of Crypto-JewsLecture2003Hordes, StanleyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Sephardic GenealogyEnglish  
03DC109Oral History Interviews: How to Conduct And Analyze ThemLecture2003Langenauer, HavivaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1InterviewEnglish  
03DC112Jewish Records at the FHLLecture2003Mokotoff, GaryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1FHLEnglish  
03DC113B'nai Anusim: Reclaiming a Hidden HeritageLecture2003Duker, Jonina, Ana Kurland, Clara CastelarAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
03DC114The Pinkas of the Chevra Kadish of SlutskLecture2003Boonin, HarryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1SlutskEnglish  
03DC116Demystifying DNA Testing for the Jewish GenealogistLecture2003Greenspan, BennettAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GeneticsEnglish  
03DC118Ethical wills and Beyond: Creating fiction and Non-fiction from Family HistoryLecture2003Bar-Zev, AsherAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
03DC119The Wandering Jew: A One-Thousand Year Journey from France to Italy Galicia, North America and IsraelLecture2003 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HistoryEnglish  
03DC120Sephardic Rabbinic Dynasties: The Kassin Dynasty 1540 to the PresentLecture2003Rolfe, SarinaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Sephardic GenealogyEnglish  
03DC121The Family Newsletter as a Genealogy ToolLecture2003PanelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1NewslettersEnglish  
03DC122A Genetic Profile of Contemporary Jewish PopulationsLecture2003Osterer, HarryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GeneticsEnglish  
03DC123Center for Jewish History: Planning Ahead to Maximize Your ResultsLecture2003Friedman, RobertAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ResearchEnglish  
03DC124The Sephardism of the Isle Of Rhodes and izmirLecture2003Taranto, LeonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GreeceEnglish  
03DC125Russian Encyclopedia As A Source of Genealogical InformationLecture2003Spector, JoelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1RussiaEnglish  
03DC128Resources for Genealogical Research in Safed, IsraelLecture2003Hiam SidorAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1Research, IsraelEnglish  
03DC130Ethics and GenealogyLecture2003Joseph, AnthonyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1EthicsEnglish  
03DC131Organize !: Reducing Your Research ClutterLecture2003Miller, RhodaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1ResearchEnglish  
03DC132Our Relatives, Typhus and the Nazi DoctorsLecture2003Yodaiken, Naomi B.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1HolocaustEnglish  
03DC133Finding Hebraica in Saddam's Intelligence HQLecture2003Rhode, HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1IraqEnglish  
06NY00026th IAJGS Conference SyllabusDocuments2006MultipleCDMap Cabinet - drawer #1GenealogyEnglish  
06NY101 - 2006 Disk 1Using Clues in the Early Polish Vital Records to Connect Three Major Families of Olkusz Lecture2006Heyman, Robert Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY102 - 2006 Disk 1The Center for Jewish History: Resources for Genealogy Lecture2006Friedman, Robert Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY103 - 2006 Disk 1"Meet the 'Cesters" - Making Friends and Researching Family in Three Small German TownsLecture2006Ernsbach, Nagelsberg and Furfeld James BauerAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY104 - 2006 Disk 1Using the Internet to Research Sources in Israel Lecture2006Lev-Zion, Martha Levinson Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY105 - 2006 Disk 1Thieves and Parnassim in Central European Jewish Communities in the Late Middle Ages Lecture2006Lev-Zion, Martha Levinson Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY106 - 2006 Disk 1Cataloging a Cemetery or Burial Society for the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) Lecture2006Green, Ada Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY107 - 2006 Disk 1Finding Jewish Roots in Scotland Lecture2006Kaplan, Harvey L. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY108 - 2006 Disk 1Ordinary Exile: The Fate of Austrian Jewish Refugees in Belgium and France, 1938 - 1945 Lecture2006Wyler, Manuela Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY109 - 2006 Disk 1Kesher Israel: A Philadelphia Landmark Lecture2006Boonin, HarryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY115 - 2006 Disk 1The Wandering Jew: A 1000-Year Journey From France to Italy to Eastern Europe to North America and Israel Lecture2006Bar-Zev, AsherAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY116 - 2006 Disk 1Embalmers on the Range: Tracking the Winter Family Lecture2006Franklin, Karen S. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY117 - 2006 Disk 1What's the Next Step After Finding a Testimony for Someone in the Yad Vashem Database? Lecture2006Feldman, Rose Avigael Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY118 - 2006 Disk 1A Database of Sephardic and Oriental Female Given Names Lecture2006Tagger, Mathilde A.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY123 - 2006 Disk 1Oral History Methodology: Preserving Vivid Family Stories for the Next Generations Lecture2006Elliott, Wendy (Bebout) Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY124 - 2006 Disk 1Using University Libraries for Genealogical Research Wendy (Bebout) ElliottLecture2006Elliott, Wendy (Bebout) Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY127 - 2006 Disk 1A History of Anti-Semitism as It Laid the Foundation for the Holocaust Lecture2006Scheinberg, Seymour Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY129 - 2006 Disk 1The Judischen Kultus Gemeinde: Self Government in Galicia Lecture2006Wynne, Suzan F.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY130 - 2006 Disk 1A Genealogical Puzzle: Twenty-one Disparate Families with a Common Ancestor Lecture2006Huebscher, Herbert & Saul IssroffAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY131 - 2006 Disk 1Detection of Faults and Errors in Genealogical Sources Lecture2006Frank, Werner L. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY132 - 2006 Disk 1Looking for the Only Unaccompanied Children Rescued from the Holocaust by America: Who They Are and How We Found ThemLecture2006Posner, IrisAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY133 - 2006 Disk 1The Internet Beyond JewishGen and Steve Morse's Website Lecture2006Arons, Ron Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY137 - 2006 Disk 1Resources Documenting the Jewish Population in Eretz Israel, 1839 - 1929 Lecture2006Feldman, Rose Avigael & Mathilde A. TaggerAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY138 - 2006 Disk 1The Jewish Legacy in the Catskills Lecture2006Brown, Phil Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY140 - 2006 Disk 2Sephardic Surnames: Evolution Through the Millenia and Role in Genealogy Lecture2006Malka, effrey S. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY143 - 2006 Disk 2The Morganthau Mission to Poland to Investigate the 1919 Pogroms: A Genealogical Resource Lecture2006Baston, Judy Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY144 - 2006 Disk 2Uncovering Surnames in Patrynomic and Early JRI-Poland Records Lecture2006Meyers, Martin Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY145 - 2006 Disk 2China: Unusual Resources for Family Research Lecture2006Nash, Peter Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY147 - 2006 Disk 2One-Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools Lecture2006Morse, Stephen P.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY148 - 2006 Disk 2White, Blue, Gray! What Color Ellis Island Search Form Should I Use? Lecture2006Morse, Stephen P.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY149 - 2006 Disk 2Playing Hide and Seek in the 1910 to 1930 Census Lecture2006Morse, Stephen P.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY150 - 2006 Disk 2Deep Linking and Deeper Linking: How to Get the Most Out of Existing Search Applications Lecture2006Morse, Stephen P.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY151 - 2006 Disk 2Creating One-Step Search Tools Lecture2006Morse, Stephen P.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY152 - 2006 Disk 2Genealogical Resources for Tracing Jews with Tuberculosis Lecture2006Kowitt, Ellen Shindelman Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY153 - 2006 Disk 2Spiritual Genealogy: A Look at Polish Notary Documentation Lecture2006Wiernicka, Anna Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY154 - 2006 Disk 2Organizit: Reducing Your Research Clutter Lecture2006Miller, RhodaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY156 - 2006 Disk 2Beginner's WorkshopLecture2006Miller, RhodaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY157 - 2006 Disk 2Roots in Poland: Problems and Solutions for Collaborative Research Lecture2006Kazez, Daniel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY160 - 2006 Disk 2Non-Traditional Relationships: Issues of Privacy and Confidentiality in Constructing a Genealogical Tree Lecture2006Weiner, Stephanie Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY162 - 2006 Disk 2Conservation and Multimedia Presentation of Family Histories Lecture2006Bergman, Stanley Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY163 - 2006 Disk 2The Magnate Landowner Records of Eastern Europe Lecture2006Riley, Gayle Schlissel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY164 - 2006 Disk 2Online Auctions, Augmenting Your Genealogical Research Lecture2006Riley, Gayle Schlissel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY173 - 2006 Disk 2Court Records: A Genealogy Resource Lecture2006Freilich, Diane M. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY174 - 2006 Disk 2Benefits of Internet Exposure Lecture2006Modiano, Mario Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY175 - 2006 Disk 2Cyberspace Memorials for Ancestral Towns: Creating a Shtetl Page Lecture2006Bloch, Susana Leistner & Barbara EllmanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY190 - 2006 Disk 2Research Repositories for Jewish Genealogy in the Washington, D.C. Area Lecture2006Kranz, Sharlene Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY191 - 2006 Disk 2Using Pre-1826 Polish Parish Records in Jewish Research Lecture2006Blatt, Warren & Debra Kay-BlattAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY192 - 2006 Disk 2The Old and the New: Using the Prague Archives, Jewish History and DNA to Establish Family Routes Lecture2006Woodle, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY195 - 2006 Disk 2Using a Research Outline to Focus Your Genealogical Research Lecture2006Palgon, Gary Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY196 - 2006 Disk 2Using Internet Resources to Find Living Descendants Lecture2006Palgon, Gary Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY201 - 2006 Disk 3201 How to Read a Hebrew Tombstone Anywhere in the World Lecture2006Caplan, Judith Langer-Surnamer Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY205 - 2006 Disk 3Jewish Agricultural Colonies in the United States Lecture2006Sanchez, Toby Carliner Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY206 - 2006 Disk 3Another Source for World War II-Era Genealogy: The National Catholic Welfare Conference Bureau of Immigration New York Port Office Records Lecture2006Brown, Mary Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY207 - 2006 Disk 3Name Changes During the British MandateLecture2006Stroweis, Jean-Pierre Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY209 - 2006 Disk 3Hidden Treasures in the Libraries of Budapest Lecture2006Koltai, András Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY210 - 2006 Disk 3How to Create a Successful Genealogical Web Site, Part I - Decisions Lecture2006Christiansen, Sarah L M Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY221 - 2006 Disk 3Cultural Clues in Genealogy Lecture2006Karsen, MikeAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY225 - 2006 Disk 3Theresienstadt: The Town Hitler Gave to the Jews Lecture2006Wellisch, HenryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY227 - 2006 Disk 3Project to Reconstitute the Destroyed Shtetls of Europe Lecture2006Sack, Sallyann & H. Daniel WagnerAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY231 - 2006 Disk 3Breaking Through Genealogical Brick Walls Lecture2006Bookbinder, HalAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY234 - 2006 Disk 3Books of Residents and Other Lesser-Known Polish Sources Lecture2006Bussgang, Fay & Julian BussgangAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY236 - 2006 Disk 3In the Crosshairs, Operation Rescue: HIAS, Marseille (1939-1944) Lecture2006Bazarov, Valery Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY242 - 2006 Disk 3Research Work at the German Emigration Center in Bremerhaven, Germany Lecture2006Eick, SimoneAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY243 - 2006 Disk 3Making the Most of Your Polish Research - A Tour of the JRI-Poland WebsiteLecture2006Halpern, Mark & Judy BastonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY244 - 2006 Disk 3Linguistics for Jewish Genealogists: How Spelling and Grammar Affect Your Genealogical ResearchLecture2006Schlyter, Daniel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY246 - 2006 Disk 3The Changing Map of Eastern Europe: Where the Heck Did That Town Go? Lecture2006Schlyter, Daniel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY247 - 2006 Disk 3How Do Jewish People Use Genetic Information?Lecture2006Harry Ostrer, Laura Zajac Kleinhandler, Amy HarmonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY248 - 2006 Disk 3Sephardic DNA Study: Les Fleurs de l'Orient Lecture2006Farhi, Alain Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY249 - 2006 Disk 3Google and Les Fleurs de l'Orient: Notoriety, Privacy and Identity Theft Issues Lecture2006Farhi, Alain Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY253 - 2006 Disk 3Lithuanian Research - The Latest Updates Lecture2006Margol, Howard Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY254 - 2006 Disk 3Holocaust Research - Possibilities and Pitfalls Lecture2006Landé, PeterAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY258 - 2006 Disk 3Greek Jews and the HolocaustLecture2006Recanati, Aure Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY259 - 2006 Disk 3How to Find 19th-Century Polish-Language Records and Unlock Their SecretsLecture2006Frazin, JudithAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY263 - 2006 Disk 3Chislavichi Rabbis Lecture2006Gurevich, Shlomo Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY265 - 2006 Disk 3The Kremenets (Ukraine) Translation Projects: Vital Records, Yizkor Books, Revizskaya Skazka, and More Lecture2006Doctor, Ronald D. & Sheree S. RothAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY267 - 2006 Disk 3Debunking Rabbinic Genealogical Myths Lecture2006Rosenstein, Neil Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY269 - 2006 Disk 3Genealogy of a Tenement: Online Resources for New York City Building HistoriesLecture2006Robins, Tony Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY270 - 2006 Disk 3How to Identify Early Female Lineages Without Knowing Surnames Lecture2006Rhode, HaroldAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY272 - 2006 Disk 3The Saul Wahl Saga - A Polish Jewish King? With an Overview of His Rabbinic ProgenyLecture2006Rosenstein, Neil Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY273 - 2006 Disk 3You DO Have Family in Israel. Now Let's Find Them! Lecture2006Goldstein, Michael Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY275 - 2006 Disk 3Research in the National Archives in Minsk: Be Warned! Lecture2006Lamdan, Neville Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY276 - 2006 Disk 4Jewish Genealogy is Going Academic Lecture2006Lamdan, Neville Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY277 - 2006 Disk 4First Palestinian Refugees, First Jewish Soldiers: The Egyptian Haven Lecture2006Fedida, Yves Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY287 - 2006 Disk 4IAJGS Management Sub-Seminar Lecture2006Kowitt, Ellen Shindelman & Anne Feder LeeAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY288 - 2006 Disk 4Jewish Genealogy Resources at Beth Hatefutsoth: New Developments Lecture2006Ghiuzeli, Horia Haim Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY290 - 2006 Disk 4Romaniote Greek Jewry: Insights Beneficial to Genealogical ResearchLecture2006Haddad-Ikonomopoulos, MarciaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY292 - 2006 Disk 4Jewish Records Indexing - Poland: What's New Lecture2006Diamond, StanleyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY293 - 2006 Disk 4Jewish New York: Historical Cues, Genealogical Clues Lecture2006Wolfman, IraAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY294 - 2006 Disk 4Engage Children in Learning by Teaching Family History!Lecture2006Horowitz, Daniel, Rhoda Miller, William Foster Hayes, Linda Volin, & Ira WolfmanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY297 - 2006 Disk 4Past at Present: Holdings of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw Lecture2006Bergman, Eleonora Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY301 - 2006 Disk 4Strategies for Galician Research and More: Using the JRI-Poland Database Lecture2006Halpern, MarkAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY302 - 2006 Disk 4Landsmanshaftn: East European Jewish Hometown Societies in the New World Lecture2006Soyer, Daniel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY303 - 2006 Disk 4A Search of Jewish Roots in the Communist Country Lecture2006Leites, Leonid Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY2304 - 2006 Disk 4SLC 2007: Maximizing your Experience Lecture2006Brenner, Michael & Hal BookbinderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY307 - 2006 Disk 4Russian Encyclopedias as a Source of Genealogical Information Lecture2006Spector, JoelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY308 - 2006 Disk 4Genealogical Resources for the Jews of Ottoman an and Modern Turkey Lecture2006Taranto, LeonAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY310 - 2006 Disk 4Genealogical Information in Memorial Books from Germany and Austria Lecture2006Neubauer, FritzAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY311 - 2006 Disk 4The Search for Roots of Askenazi Jews Outside the Pale of Settlement: The Caucasus AreaLecture2006Khatskevitch, Aaron Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY318 - 2006 Disk 5Serving Genealogy Patrons: A Librarian's GuideLecture2006 Antonia (Toni) Raptis Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY319 - 2006 Disk 5A Researcher's Guide: Basic Hebrew for the Family Researcher Lecture2006Cohen, Rose Lerer Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY322 - 2006 Disk 5Strengthening Relationships Within Extended Families and the Extended Family as a Vital Social Unit: Roles for Genealogy Researchers and Organizations Lecture2006Okon, Joseph Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY331 - 2006 Disk 5Suddenly Jewish Lecture2006Youngren, Catherine Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY332 - 2006 Disk 5Memory of the Holocaust in Latvia: A Contemporary Debate Lecture2006Zisere, Bella Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY333 - 2006 Disk 5Searching Digitized Directories Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Lecture2006Kleinwaks, LoganAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY335 - 2006 Disk 5Slovak Jewish Research Lecture2006Auslander, Jordan Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY349 - 2006 Disk 5Through Russia's Turbulent Times Lecture2006Margulis, Dmitriy Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY352 - 2006 Disk 5Vital Records in Prussian Poland: Getting the Whole Picture Lecture2006Lustig, Roger Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY353 - 2006 Disk 5Jews in the News: Historical Newspaper Research Lecture2006Weisberger, Pamela Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY354 - 2006 Disk 5Finding Your Family in the 18th Century Records of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lithuania, Belarus, Parts of Poland and Ukraine) Lecture2006Hoffman, David B., Sonia R. HoffmanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY357 - 2006 Disk 5Gazetteers and Research in the Kingdom of Hungary Lecture2006Auslander, Jordan Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY363 - 2006 Disk 5From Start to Finish: Publishing Your Family History Lecture2006Adelson, Nancy JG Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY367 - 2006 Disk 5LitvakSIG Vital Records Indexing Project Lecture2006Ratner, Joel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY368 - 2006 Disk 5Genealogical Records of the Vilna District Lecture2006Ratner, Joel Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY370 - 2006 Disk 5Recreating Ariogala, a Lithuanian Shtetl Lecture2006Hoffman, David B., Sonia R. Hoffman, & Nancy BiedermanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY373 - 2006 Disk 5New Material on the Rise of Hasidism Lecture2006Dynner, Glenn Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY376 - 2006 Disk 5Murderous Medicine: How to Trace Some Victims of the Holocaust Lecture2006Baumslag, Naomi Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY377 - 2006 Disk 5Sephardim in the Baltic Areas: Fact or Fiction Lecture2006Cohen, Rose Lerer Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY378 - 2006 Disk 5Tabula Registers: An Untapped Genealogical Resource in the Lviv Archives Lecture2006Dunai, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY379 - 2006 Disk 5DocumentsUkrainian/Galician Archives: Records, Research and ResourcefulnessLecture2006Dunai, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY380 - 2006 Disk 5Transcarpathian/Hungarian Research and Travel: Archives, Villages and CemeteriesLecture2006Dunai, AlexanderAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY381 - 2006 Disk 5Nomen Omen: Names and Surnames of the Jews of Italy Lecture2006Bonomi, Nardo Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY384 - 2006 Disk 5Introduction to Probate Research Lecture2006Braverman, Debra Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY386 - 2006 Disk 5Genealogical Research at the New York Public LibraryLecture2006Carr, Ruth Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY387 - 2006 Disk 5"Our Middle Name Was Klezmer": Jewish Musical Families in the 19th and 20th Century PolandLecture2006Rubin, Joel E.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY389 - 2006 Disk 5Beyond Bagels and Klezmer: Reflections on Contemporary American Jewish Popular MusicLecture2006Rubin, Joel E.Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY394 - 2006 Disk 5Holocaust Tracing, Family Searches, and Wartime Documentation Free Through the Red CrossLecture2006Klein, Linda Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY397 - 2006 Disk 5Ancestral Shtetl Remembrance: How to Organize a Shtetl Project Lecture2006Rabinowitz, Ann Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY389 - 2006 Disk 5Lucille Gudis Memorial Lecture: Jewish Transmigration Through Britain, 1836 - 1924 Lecture2006Evans, NicholasAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY399 - 2006 Disk 5British Passenger Lists and Medical Records as a Source for Migrant History, 1793 - 1914Lecture2006Evans, NicholasAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY400 - 2006 Disk 6Poor Jews' Temporary Shelters and Their Documentary Legacy Lecture2006Evans, NicholasAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY401 - 2006 Disk 6Change in Records Through the Use of Technology Lecture2006Hill, Annette M. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY402 - 2006 Disk 6Genealogical Resources at the American Jewish Historical Society Lecture2006Schwimmer, Deena Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY403 - 2006 Disk 6The Unturned Stone: Unexpected and Underutilized Genealogical Records Lecture2006Schmid, Christine Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY404 - 2006 Disk 6Leo Baeck Institute Lecture2006Franklin, Karen S. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY405 - 2006 Disk 6The Last Chance in Lithuanian Archives Lecture2006Botyrius, Vilius Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY410 - 2006 Disk 6When Harry Sued Sally: The Genealogical Benefits of Researching Civil Law Suits and Criminal Indictments and Unsealing Grand Jury TestimonyLecture2006 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY411 - 2006 Disk 61920s Polish Government Belarussian Files in the Vilnius Archives Lecture2006Botyrius, Vilius Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY412 - 2006 Disk 6The Sephardic Lower East Side of New York City Lecture2006Alfassa, ShelomoAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY413 - 2006 Disk 6JewishGen: Recent Developments Lecture2006King, SusanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY414 - 2006 Disk 6Introduction to JewishGen Databases Lecture2006 Blatt, Warren & Michael TobiasAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY420 - 2006 Disk 6American Sephardi Federation Collection Lecture2006Randall C. BelinfanteAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY422 - 2006 Disk 6Searchable Databases at the Italian Genealogical Group Website Lecture2006Martino, JohnAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY423 - 2006 Disk 6Genes for Genealogists: Genetics, Inheritance, and DNA Made Simple Lecture2006Sitron, Nina Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY425- 2006 Disk 6Genetic Genealogy: Using DNA to Connect -- What DNA Testing Can, and Can't, Tell a Modern Genealogist Lecture2006Greenspan, BennettAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY426 - 2006 Disk 6Online and in Print: Genealogy in the Dorot Jewish Division of the New York Public LibraryLecture2006Belifante, Hannah Miryam Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY427 - 2006 Disk 6NYC Genealogical Research: Hebrew Union College, Jewish Theological Seminary and Yeshiva University Lecture2006Hirsch, Claus Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY428 - 2006 Disk 6The Documentation, Protection and Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries in Central and Eastern EuropeLecture2006Gruber, Samuel D., Norman Weinberg, Toby Mendlowitz Grunhut, Thomas Weiss, Michael Schudrich, & Shlomo BesserAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY429 - 2006 Disk 6Selected Resources for Jewish Genealogy at the New-York Historical Society Lecture2006Ashton, Jean Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY430 - 2006 Disk 6Our Foremothers: Researching the Common Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews Lecture2006Behar, Doron Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY431 - 2006 Disk 6Lost and Found: Family Research at the NYC Lecture2006Lorenzini, Michael & Leonora A. GidlundAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY433 - 2006 Disk 6Genealogical Treasures in the YIVO Library Lecture2006Guzik, Estelle M. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY435 - 2006 Disk 6Yizkor Books: Two Complementary Projects Lecture2006Jones, Faith Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY436 - 2006 Disk 6Lifelong Learning: Teaching Genealogy to Adults Lecture2006Miller, Rhoda, Nolan Altman, Schelly Talalay Dardashti, & Susan StoneAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY437 - 2006 Disk 6Bring Your Ancestors to Life! Go Where They Walked Lecture2006Hirsch, Claus Sol Sylvan, & John KovacsAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY438 - 2006 Disk 6Lesser Know Collections in the YIVO Institute Archives Lecture2006Greenbaum, LeoAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY443 - 2006 Disk 6Perils and Opportunities in Bronx Jewish Genealogical Research: The Bronx County Historical Society's Holdings Lecture2006Ultan, Lloyd Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY444 - 2006 Disk 6Family History Research in State Courts in NYC's County Clerks Lecture2006Abrams, Bruce Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY445 - 2006 Disk 6Medical and Genetic Family History: The Role of the Jewish Genealogist Lecture2006Diamond, StanleyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY446 - 2006 Disk 6Exciting New Genealogy Technologies: Face Recognition and Super Search tLecture2006Japhe, Gilad Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
06NY447 - 2006 Disk 6Genetics Panel: Using DNA to Enrich Our Research and Our Health Lecture2006Sitron, Nina, Stanley Diamond, Saul Issroff, Doron Behar, Jay Feinberg, & Herbert HuebscherAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL001 - 2007 Disk 1Using the Internet Beyond JewishGen & Steve Morse's WebsiteLecture2007Arons, Ron Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL002 - 2007 Disk 1Advanced Ancestry.comLecture2007Hulet, KendallAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL003 - 2007 Disk 1Transliterating Hebrew & Yiddish to English: The Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP System for Genealogical RecordsLecture2007Doctor, Ronald D. & Sheree RothAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL005 - 2007 Disk 1Keeping Track of Given Names in Large Family Databases and Single-Surname Research Projects Lecture2007Pickholtz, IsraelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL007 - 2007 Disk 1Write Your Family History NOW!Lecture2007Karsen, MikeAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL008 - 2007 Disk 1The Archives of the International Tracing Service (Conference Keynote) Lecture2007Shapiro, Paul A. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL009 - 2007 Disk 1Four Lives of Gregory Meisler - a Jew, a Warrior and a Polish Patriot Lecture2007Bazarov, Valery Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL010 - 2007 Disk 1Hebrew: The Key to Jewish Genealogy Lecture2007Roach, AnneAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL011 - 2007 Disk 1International Tracing Service Q&A Lecture2007Shapiro, Paul A. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL012 - 2007 Disk 1Canadian Immigration: Research Strategies, Indexes & Records Lecture2007Dilts, G. David AGAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL013 - 2007 Disk 1The Mordy Collection Lecture2007Knowles, W. ToddAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL014 - 2007 Disk 1The Way Back to Jewish Ancestors in Germany in the 17th Century (GerSIG Programming) Lecture2007Buck, GerhardAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL015 - 2007 Disk 1Canadian Census Online: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Lecture2007Greenberg, AlanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL016 - 2007 Disk 1Finding Answers in Naturalization Records and Ethnic SourcesLecture2007Szucs, Loretto (Lou)Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL017 - 2007 Disk 1Lives Remembered: Life In a Small Polish/Russian Town Lecture2007Marvins, Michael Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL018 - 2007 Disk 1Protecting your Digital Genealogical Information On-line and OffLecture2007Heckman, Mark Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL019 - 2007 Disk 1Jewish Calendar DemystifiedLecture2007Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL020 - 2007 Disk 1Sex, Murder, and Genealogy?Lecture2007Karsen, MikeAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL022 - 2007 Disk 1International Institute of Jewish Genealogy – An UpdateLecture2007Mokotoff, GaryAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL023 - 2007 Disk 1Jewish Vital Records in Bohemia & Moravia, 1788-1949 Lecture2007Muller, Julius Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL024 - 2007 Disk 1Online Historical Directories Lecture2007Kleinwaks, LoganAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL025 - 2007 Disk 1The National Archives: A Wealth of Information Lecture2007Starkey, Barbara Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL026 - 2007 Disk 1The Saga of A Sephardic Family - The Grandees of New Jersey Lecture2007Rosenstein, Neil Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL027 - 2007 Disk 1Free and Inexpensive Programs for Family History Lecture2007Ruf, GerhardAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL028 - 2007 Disk 1The Impact of Technology on Family History and Genealogy Lecture2007Brisson-Banks, Claire V. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL029 - 2007 Disk 1One-Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools Lecture2007Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL030 - 2007 Disk 1Source to Spreadsheet: How to Transcribe Vital Records Lecture2007Lustig, Roger Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL031 - 2007 Disk 2Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Coroner's and Other DeathLecture2007 Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL032- 2007 Disk 2Locating Places in Eastern Europe Lecture2007Schlyter, DanielAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL033 - 2007 Disk 2Searching the Hamburg Passenger Lists Lecture2007Jarvis, Sandra Raymond Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL034 - 2007 Disk 2The Genviewer ProgramLecture2007Ruf, GerhardAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL035 - 2007 Disk 2What Color Ellis Island Search Form should I use? Lecture2007Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL037 - 2007 Disk 2Debunking Rabbinic Genealogical Myths Lecture2007Rosenstein, NeilAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL038 - 2007 Disk 2Lithuanian Research: the Latest Developments (Litvak SIG Programming) Lecture2007Margol, Howard Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL039 - 2007 Disk 2Russian Encyclopedias as a Source of Genealogical Information Lecture2007Spector, JoelAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL040 - 2007 Disk 2Strategies for Galician Research and More: Records from the JRI-Poland Database (JRI-Poland SIG Programming)Lecture2007Mark HalpernAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL041 - 2007 Disk 2Care and Repair of Old Photographs Lecture2007Hovorka, Janet Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL042 - 2007 Disk 2Finding Bessarabia Vital Records at the Family History Library (ROM-SIG Programming) Lecture2007Wascou, Robert Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL043 - 2007 Disk 2Genealogical Resources at the Wiesenthal Center Library Lecture2007Frank, Werner Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL044 - 2007 Disk 2Jewish Records Indexing-Poland: What's New (JRI- Poland SIG Programming) Stanley DiamondLecture2007Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL045 - 2007 Disk 2Playing Hide and Seek in the 1910 to 1940 US Census Stephen MorseLecture2007Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL047 - 2007 Disk 2Researching in the Romanian National Archives (ROM SIG Programming) Lecture2007Long, Elizabeth Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL048 - 2007 Disk 2East European Internet Sites Lecture2007Mehr, KahlileAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL049 - 2007 Disk 2Jewish Census Records 1724 - 1811Lecture2007Muller, JuliusAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL050 - 2007 Disk 2JRI-Poland: Researching the Vital Records of Poland (JRI-Poland SIG Programming) Lecture2007Lipsius, HadassahAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL051 - 2007 Disk 2Putting the Flesh on the Bones Lecture2007Arons, Ron Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL052 - 2007 Disk 2JewishGen: the first 20 years and beyond Lecture2007King, Susan, and Warren Blatt, & Michael TobiasAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL053 - 2007 Disk 2Helping to Find Those Who Were Lost -- The DNA Shoah Project Lecture2007Mandelbaum, SydAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL054 - 2007 Disk 2Rebuilding the Archive of the Jewish Community, Vienna (Austria-Czech SIG Programming) Lecture2007Zechner, Ingo Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL055 - 2007 Disk 2Resources in Belgium About Jewish Refugees Lecture2007Haendel, EvelyneAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL056 - 2007 Disk 2The ABCs of School RecordsLecture2007Jensen, Ceil E1799Wendt Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL057 - 2007 Disk 2Word vs. Excel: Organizing your Data for Best ResultsLecture2007Miller, RhodaAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL058 - 2007 Disk 2Creating One-Step Search ToolsLecture2007Morse, StephenAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL059 - 2007 Disk 2Finding Places in the Former Russian EmpireLecture2007Mehr, KahlileAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL061 - 2007 Disk 2Military Resources in Eretz Israel for the Genealogical Sleuth Lecture2007Feldman, Rose Avigael Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL062 - 2007 Disk 3The 1918-19 Pogroms in Inter-war Poland and the Morgenthau and Cohen Investigations Lecture2007Baston, JudyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL063 - 2007 Disk 3DNA Q & A Bennett GreenspanLecture2007Mandelbaum, SydAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL064 - 2007 Disk 3Family Tree Maker Lecture2007Valkenburgh, David Van Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL065 - 2007 Disk 3Jews in the News: Historical Newspaper Research Lecture2007Weisberger, Pamela Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL066 - 2007 Disk 3Resources for Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland Lecture2007Karsen, MikeAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL068 - 2007 Disk 3Medical & Genetic Family History: the Role of the Jewish Genealogist Lecture2007Diamond, StanleyAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL069 - 2007 Disk 369 Abraham's Children: Race, Identity and the DNA of 'The Chosen People' Lecture2007Entine, Jon Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL070 - 2007 Disk 3Holocaust Research -- The Breakthrough, And? Lecture2007Landé, PeterAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL071 - 2007 Disk 3Our Heritage & Our Health - Genetic Conditions among the Ashkenazim Lecture2007Frohlich, Gary S. MS, CGCAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL073 - 2007 Disk 3How To Find 19th-Century Polish-Language Records and Unlock Their Secrets Lecture2007Frazin, JudithAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL074 - 2007 Disk 3Polish-Jewish Genealogical Research Lecture2007Blatt, Warren Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL075 - 2007 Disk 3When Leopold Met Lena: Marriage, Divorce and Deception in 1892 New York Lecture2007Weisberger, Pamela Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL076 - 2007 Disk 3Brick Wall Solutions Lecture2007Brisson-Banks, Claire V. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL077 - 2007 Disk 3Maps for Genealogy: Old, New and ElectronicLecture2007Jensen, Ceil Wendt Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL078 - 2007 Disk 3Street Smarts for City Research Lecture2007 Szucs, Loretto (Lou)Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL079 - 2007 Disk 3Creating a Family Newsletter Lecture2007Freilich, Diane M. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL080 - 2007 Disk 3Deep Linking and Deeper Linking: How I get the most out of existing Search Applications Lecture2007Morse, SteveAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL081 - 2007 Disk 3PhpGedView and Jewish Genealogy Lecture2007Finlay, John & Meliza AmityAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL082 - 2007 Disk 3Tracing Adopted or Orphaned Family Members -- A Methodological Approach Lecture2007Weiner, Stephanie Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL083 - 2007 Disk 3Genealogical Research in Hungary (Hungarian SIG Programming)Lecture2007Kovacs, JohnAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL084 - 2007 Disk 3How Family History Library Films are Acquired from the Former Soviet Sphere Lecture2007Mehr, KahlileAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL085 - 2007 Disk 3Finding Our Fathers: 30 years Later (Banquet Keynote) Lecture2007Rottenberg, Dan Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL087 - 2007 Disk 3State of the Art: Restitution and Resolutions Lecture2007Franklin, Karen S. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL088 - 2007 Disk 3DNA and Classic Genealogy Join to Solve Genealogical Puzzle Lecture2007Huebscher, Herbert & Elise FriedmanAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL090 - 2007 Disk 3The Flight from Europe 1938-1942 Lecture2007Silverstone, Paul Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL091 - 2007 Disk 3Utah's Early Jews Lecture2007Kaplan, Rochelle Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL092 - 2007 Disk 3Where to Start When You Inherit Genealogy Lecture2007Hovorka, Janet Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL093 - 2007 Disk 3Researching Court Issues Lecture2007Freilich, Diane M. Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
07SL095 - 2007 Disk 3Utah Faces of Judaism: The Jewish Farmers of Clarion, 1911-22 Lecture2007Stone, Eileen HalletAudio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
08CH001-2008 Disk 128th IAJGS International ConferenceLecture2008IAJGS Conference Sessions 1-29Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
08CH001-2008 Disk 228th IAJGS International ConferenceLecture2008IAJGS Conference Sessions 1-29Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
08CH001-2008 Disk 3 28th IAJGS International ConferenceLecture2008IAJGS Conference Sessions 1-29Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
08CH001-2008 Disk 428th IAJGS International ConferenceLecture2008IAJGS Conference Sessions 1-29Audio CDMap Cabinet - drawer #1 English  
09PH001-2009 Disk 129th IAJGS International ConferenceLectures2009IAJGS ConferenceDVDMap Cabinet- drawer#1 English  
09Ph002 -2009 Disk 2Philadelphia Area Jewish Research Guideguidebook2009Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia.DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1 English  
10LA001 Disc 130th IAJGS Conference Syllabus, Speaker Bios and Speaker MaterialsDocuments2010IAJGS -Los AngelesDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1 English  
10LA002 Disc 1Conference Sessions -Workshops 2-99Lectures2010IAJGS Workshops 2-99DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1 English  
10LA002 Disc 230th IAJGS Conference: Workshops 100-164, General Sessions 1-25Lectures2010IAJGS workshops 100-164, General Sessions 1-25DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA003 American Passage; History of Ellis IslandLecture2010Vincent CannatoDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA004Finding your Jewish Ancestors on Ancestry.comLecture2010Crista CowanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA005Opening ceremeony and Keynote AddressLecture2010Daniel MendelshohnDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA006Jewish Genealogical Research Beginner StrategiesLecture2010Rhoda MillerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA007New Life for Old Films: An introduction to the Steven Speilberg Film and Video Archive at the US Holocaust MuseumLecture2010Leslie SwiftDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA008An Introduction to Jewish Data BasesLecture2010Warren Blatt & Michael TobiasDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA009What's New at Ancestry.comLecture2010Crista CowanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA0010Google: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems - Part 2Lecture2010Lisa Louise CookeDVD     
10LA0011Jewish Records Indexing-Poland: What's NewLecture2010Stanley DiamondDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA1012Polish Records-Getting the Most from JRI-Poland ExpertsLecture2010Judy Baston & Hadassah LipsiusDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA013JewishGen LIVE at L.A. LiveLecture2010Blatt, Tobias, & GrollDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA014Polish State Archive OnlineLecture2010Kahlile MehrDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA0015Registry of Holocaust Survivors at the USHMM: A view of the futureLecture2010Lisa YavnaiDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA0016The Changing Boarders of Eastern EuropeLecture2010Hal BookbinderDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA0017Simplifying Online Research with Ancestry.com Family TreesLecture2010Crista CowanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA018Names, Faces, People, Places: The USC Shoah Foundation Inst. Comes AliveLecture2010Stephen SmithDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA019Newly Acquired Archival Collection From the USHMMLecture2010Megan LewisDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA20What's in a Name? Origins & Meanings of Jewish Family NamesLecture2010Zvi GitelmanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA21Going to Poland with my Baba's Yizkor BookLecture2010Ruth BeharDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA22Best Strategies for Searching Ancestry.comLecture2010Crista CowanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA023IAJGS Conference Gala BanquetLecture2010 DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA24Immigration and Emigration on Ancestry.comLecture2010Crista CowanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
10LA026Rexite on the Radio: Mitch Smolkin Gala Banquet EnterainmentLecture2010Mitch SmolkinDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01G-2 Opening Ceremony and Keynote AddressLecture2011Sara J. BloomfieldDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01Lithuanian Ambasador PavilionsLecture2011 DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-201 Introduction to GenealogyLecture2011Diane FreilichDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-202 Lodz: Manchester of Poland -History and Research`Lecture2011Debra Kay-Blatt and Roni Seibel LiebowitzDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-301 Navigating the world of Jewish GenealogyLecture2011Jeff MillerDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-302 Archive resources in the Ukraine, alternative sourceLecture2011Alex DenysenkioDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-303 DNA for DummiesLecture2011Arline Astheimer SachsDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-304 Jewish Genealogical Research straties Pat ILecture2011Nancy JG AdelsonDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-305 Beyond a Doubt - what we know vs what we can proveLecture2011Israel PickholtzDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-403 Buried StoriesLecture2011Ornit BarkaiDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-405 voter Registration Records - making them countLecture2011Sharon B. HodgesDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-406 Yizkor books: Must-Reads for Jewish GenealogistsLecture2011Rachel Leah JablonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-4WMAC - Getting started with Family Tree Maker MacLecture2011Duff WilsonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-4WPC - Getting started with Family tree Maker PCLecture2011Debra Kay BlattDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-503 Surname Adoption in Germany:where and whenLecture2011Roger LustigDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-504 Sanborn Insurance Maps, City Directories and MapsLecture2011Marc MansonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01S-506 Exploring Cuba: its once and future JewsLecture2011Andree BrooksDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-81 Jewish a\Agricultural Colonies and Shtetls in UkraineLecture2011Anna RoyznerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-103 Orientation to the USHMM ResearchLecture2011Megan LewisDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-203 Research at the USHMMLecture2011Megan LewisDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M204 the Galicia Jewish Museum: History and Virtual tourLecture2011Jakub NowakowskiDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-205 Dona Gracis Nasi: an Exceptional LifeLecture2011Andree BrooksDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-209 Utilizing Belgian Archives for Jewish ResearchLecture2011Philip TrauringDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-2WMAC Reunion for BeginnersLecture2011Susan KobrenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-303 Research at the USHMMLecture2011Megan LewisDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-304 Genealogical Implications of Chasidic AncestryLecture2011Rafael GuberDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-306 Launch of the JDC Names databaseLecture2011Naomi BarthDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-307 Gesher Galicia SIG MeetingLecture2011SIGDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-308 Old German Script; Especially of the 19th CenturyLecture2011Gehard BuckDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-LO1 ROM-Moldova SIG LuncheonLecture2011Alexander AvrahamDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-LO2-Gesher Galicia SIG LuncheonLecture2011Jakub NowakowskiDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-LO3 -Ger-SIG LuncheonLecture2011Karen FranklinDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-403 Discovering Polish Court Documents 19th and 20th CenturyLecture2011Anja WiernickaDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-407 Galician Cadastral Maps, Landowner and voter RecordsLecture2011Pamela WeissburgerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-4WPC Getting started with Family tree maker PCLecture2011Duff WilsonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01N-501 Memel (Klaipeda) Archive RecordsLecture2011Howard MargolDVdMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-502 Why Records Access is critical to Your GenealogyLecture2011Jan Meisels allenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-503 Funeral and mourning ceremonies of our ancestorsLecture2011Rabbi Gary GansDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-504 Start to Finish: Publishing Your Family HistoryLecture2011Nancy JG AdelsonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-507 Jewish Records Indexing -Poland; what's NewLecture2011Stanley DiamondDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01M-508 Spain's Archives: the Cervera exampleLecture2011Jeff MalkaDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01 M-701 International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Kacobi CenterLecture2011Dr. Neville LamdanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-102 The Resurgence of Jewish Life in PolandLecture2011Jakub NowakowskiDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-104 JewishGenealogical Research straties Part 2Lecture2011Nancy JG AdelsonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-202 Multimedia Presentation: Ukraine Then and NowLecture2011Anna RoyznerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T204 Resources for the Judaica Genealogist at the Library of CongressLecture2011Dr. Peggy PearlsteinDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T2WPC Newspapers OnlineLecture2011Elias SavadaDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-302 Litvak Diaspora/Evolution in the USALecture2011Dr. Mark N. OzerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-306 JDC's Archives: A Treasure for Jewish GenealogistsLecture2011Linda LeviDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-308 Brit Milah Records from Aleppo, Syria (1868-1938)Lecture2011Sarina RoffeDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-LO1 -JRI-Poland SIG Luncheon: Polish Notarial RecordsLecture2011Ania WiernickaDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-401 Bad Arolsen Research -Past Experiences and NowLecture2011Diane AfoumadoDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-402 Implementing the IAJGS Newslatter InitiativeLecture2011Kahlile MehrDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-404 Creating Webpage Dedicated to Your Ancestral TownLecture2011Susana BlochDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-405 Jewish Washington: Scrapbook of an American CommunityLecture2011Wendy TurmanDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-406 Strategies for Sephardic ResearchLecture2011Jeffrey MalkaDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-407 Genealogical Reserch in south AfricaLecture2011Roy OgusDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-501 DNA for GenealogyLecture2011Jay SageDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-502 Yad Vashem Shoah Victim's Recovery ProjectLecture2011Alexander AvrahamDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-503 Charting the City Directory -Viariety of UsesLecture2011Diane M. FreilichDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-505 Admit or Deport? The Board of Special InquiryLecture2011Gladys Friedman PaulinDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-506 Freud's MoraviaLecture2011Michael L. MillerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-507 Accessing Jewish Records from the Jewish ArchivesLecture2011Jeanette R RosenbergDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-701 JewishGen 2011Lecture2011Warren Blatt DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC01T-801 Generation X, Y, Net and JewishGenLecture2011Karen FranklinDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-2WPC Using Family Tree Maker with Ancestry.com (PC)Workshop2011Duff WilsonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-101 Dynamics of Innovative ProgrammingLecture2011Jan Meisels allenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-102 Cemeteries andtombstones; just dying to tell secretsLecture2011Rabbi Gary GansDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-103 UK Records 1870-1930: Residents and TransmigrantsLecture2011Laurence HarrisDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-202 Odessa pogram of 1905- communal unrest or the tooLecture2011Alex DenysenkioDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-203 Online Ancestral Communities Lecture2011Schelly Talalay DardashtiDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-204 Genealogists Role in preserving Jewish CemeteriesLecture2011David ZinnerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-205 Village Jews in the Pale of SettlementLecture2011Dr. Neville LamdanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-206 Cruising the Israel Genealogical Society DatabasesLecture2011Garri RegevDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-207 Archival and Non Archival Resources in FranceLecture2011Anne Lifshitz-KramsDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-2WMAC Hungarian Family research on the MacWorkshop2011Vivian KahnDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-301 History of the Jews and ChocolateLecture2011Sheilah KaufmanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-302 Passport Applications, 1795-1925Lecture2011Katherine VollenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-303 Jewish Arlington National CemeteryLecture2011Les BergenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-305 Genealogy Research: An Investigator's PerspectiveLecture2011Chris PipeDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-306 Reconstructing Historical Jewish Nassau CommunitiesLecture2011Gerhard BuckDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-LO1 French SIG LunchLecture2011Diane AfoumadoDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-LO3 Austrian/Czech SIG LuncheonLecture2011Frank Brandeis GilbertDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-401 Jewish Immigration in New OrleansLecture2011Anny Bloch-RaymondDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-403 What Where and how to searchLecture2011Valery BazarovDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-405 Latest trends in publishing for genealogistsLecture2011Marlis Glaser HumphreyDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-408 Lithuanian Research- present and futureLecture2011Howard MargolDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-4WMAC Social Media on the Mac for Jewish GenealogistsWorkshop2011Meredith HoffmanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-4WPC Jewish Records Indexing -PolandWorkshop2011Roni Seibel LiebowitzDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-501 New German-Jewish online-resourcesLecture2011Roger LustigDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-503 Understanding the Familiants LawsLecture2011Michael L. MillerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-504 Livin up your family history with imagesLecture2011Mike KarsenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-505 Researching Jews in AustraliaLecture2011Kim PhillipsDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-701 GenealogyIndexer.org: searching directories and moreLecture2011Logan KleinwaksDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-702 Who are the Jews in IndiaLecture2011Dr. Maina Chawla SinghDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-703 Israel Research comes of ageLecture2011Michael GoldsteinDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02W-704 Polish Records: Getting the Most From Your ResearchLecture2011Hadassah LipsiusDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-104 IAJGS: Excite the Beginner with successLecture2011Kahile Mehr DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-105 Putting your Genealogy into Place in Google EarthLecture2011Jay SageDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-201 French and German Jewish Immigrants along the MississippiLecture2011Anny Bloch-RaymondDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-202 Rise of the Jewish Population in RussiaLecture2011Joel SpectorDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-206 Shame - What they really did to our GrandmothersLecture2011Rafael GuberDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-2WPC Litvak Seek - search the ALD SuccessfullyWorkshop2011Eden JoachimDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-301 Litvak Diaspora/evolution in South AfricaLecture2011Dr. Mark N. OzerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-303 DNA connection- ancient Hebrews and modern Jews Lecture2011R'Yaakov KleimanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-306 JewishGen's Holocaust ResourcesLecture2011Nolan AltmanDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-401 Online databases of the Polish StateLecture2011Kahlile MehrDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-402 Create a Next Gen Family History BookLectue2011Marlis Glaser HumphreyDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
11DC02Th-404 Ethical dilemmas in GenealogyLecture2011Anne Feder LeeDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-406 Research in Galicia: Working with Vital RecordsLecture2011Mark HalpernDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-407 Find your Israeli familyLecture2011Michael GoldsteinDVDMap cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-4WMAC Start blogging for GenealogyWorkshop2011Duff WilsonDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-4WPC JewishGen databases computer workshopWorkshop2011Nolan AltmanDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-502 Those Family Secrets and How to chase themLecture2011Steve LuxenbergDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Th-701 GALA 2011 DVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102F-102 Tools to uncovering American court recordsLecture2011Diane M. FreilichDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102F-201 Panel on Records and Social MediaLecture2011Katherine VollenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102Sex, Murder and Genealogy?Lecture2011Mike KarsenDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102F-301 cartography for Genealogists: mapping across time.Lecture2011Pamela WeissburgerDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
DC1102F-302 Prewar records at the U.S. Holocaust MuseumLecture2011Megan LewisDVDMap Cabinet drawer #1    
CD MK0001 Mike Karsen's Family History BooksDocuments Karsen, Michael H.Audio CDMap cabinet drawer #1 English  
LITVAK001LitvakSIG - Sample DocumentsDocuments LitcakSIGAudio CD  English  
FTM2006 1Family Tree Maker: Basics TrainingEducational2006Generations NetworkDVD  English  
FTM2006 2Family Tree Maker: Advanced TrainingEducational2006Generations NetworkDVD  English 

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